Z Corporation & Its 3D Printers

Z Corporation & Its 3D Printers


Z Corporation is a company which develops, manufactures as well as markets the fastest three-dimensional printers in the world. This company produces machines which are handheld models and it does so speedily, easily plus inexpensively from the CAD or computer-aided design, the BIM or building information modeling.

The 3D printers of Z Corp. are utilized by various companies to build prototypes varying from different toys for purposes of market feedback to the fan blades meant for the functional testing.

Just as the regular desktop printers supply a computer user with the paper output for their documents, the 3D printers provide the 3D CAD as well as BIM users with physical prototypes of the actual objects like mobile phones, the engine manifold, different cameras or even scale-model building.

Technology benefits of Z Corp.

The clear-cut product interface of Z Corporation supplies the users with resources to mechanically build the appearance prototypes. This it does from their three-dimensional CAD plus BIM designs rapidly and economically as oppose to the alternative expensive and labor-intensive techniques. For instance, the design of any mobile phone may be transformed from its screen image into one prototype within an hour’s time for up to $10.

By employing appearance prototypes initially in the development cycle of a product its design engineers are able to get a critical feedback fairly early during the process of design. The prototypes of Z Corporation corroborate market approval of the new designs prior to even the beginning of the production process. This leads to elimination of the costly final changes and also enables the companies to be first ones to promote using their products.

Z Corporation’s 3D printers apply customary inkjet printing expertise to build the segments layer-by-layer by means of depositing one liquid binder on top of thin sheets of powder. In place of feeding the paper under its print heads as 2D printer, the 3D printers move your print heads above powder-beds on which they print all cross-sectional information from your CAD file that has been divided into suitable build layers.

The different models of Z Corp 3D printers include:

- ZPrinter 310 Plus

This is the entry-level 3D printer for the beginners, the professionals plus those who want cost efficient solutions for 3D printing. ZPrinter 310 supplies build area of 8″ x 10″ x 8″ build and its resolution is 300 x 450 DPI XY.

- ZPrinter 450

This model is a full Color three-dimensional printer which helps its users in developing color prototypes and that too at a pace which is 5 to 10 times quicker than other such 3D printers. This line of color printers are needed in sectors like education, architecture, health, GIS, electronics, in arts and product design etc. Apart from being most automated this printer provides automatic recycling for all the unused materials

- Spectrum Z510

They develop prototypes which are full-color and high definition very quickly and at reasonable cost. Spectrum Z510 3D comes with a resolution of 540 X 600 DPI XY contending with competitor machines which are 5 costlier.

- ZPrinter 650

The Spectrum Z650 is a full color and automated system of 3D printers which has been engineered particularly to fulfill most demanding needs in sectors of engineering, education, the AEC and GIS plus in entertainment. Having the biggest build volume this 3D printer makes it possible for its users to take out prints of very large and high-resolution plus multicolor models.

This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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