All You Need To Know About Brother Printer Ink Cartridges

All You Need To Know About Brother Printer Ink Cartridges

Among manufacturers of printers, printer inks and other printing supplies and accessories, Brother is a well-respected name simply because it is a pioneer in the industry. The Brother brand of printer ink cartridges is a proven brand for quality.

What makes Brother printer ink cartridges stand out among so many other competing brands of printer ink? This is mainly because, as stated above, the quality of Brother printer ink cartridges is unmistakable. Using Brother printer ink cartridges always result in great prints, be it color or black and white.

There are four characteristics that Brother holds for all the printer ink types that it manufactures. These are:

1. Extensive research and development invested in every Brother printer ink cartridge, resulting in proper image balance;
2. Accurate color matching techniques;
3. Precision technology resulting in evenness in printer ink distribution; and
4. Printer ink characteristics that prevent smearing and clogging.

Proper Image Balance

Each cartridge of Brother printer ink is the end result of the company’s exhaustive efforts into improving their product and addressing the needs of their customers for prints with truly bright colors, sharp details and resistance to fading. The research and development team of Brother integrates over 100 various elements in the creation of each type of Brother printer ink cartridge.

It is important that each type of Brother printer ink cartridge has the perfect combination in quantity and configuration in order to achieve proper image balance. Moreover, the specific formulation of the ink is designed to maintain the reliability of the machine itself, as well as to protect the machine’s printer head.

Accurate Color Matching Technique

With every printer ink cartridge, regardless of the type, Brother utilizes a method of calculating and matching mixtures of colors so that the resulting prints will have sharp and vibrant colors that as true to life as they can get. The method makes use of a predetermined matching technique specially designed by Brother to create their quality of level of color prints as well as to create a wide gamut of colors for more vivid color combinations and sharper images.

Even Printer Ink Distribution

The right viscosity in printer inks is essential to keep the ink flowing smoothly through the machine’s printer head. Otherwise, if the printer ink does not display the proper consistency and constitution, the process will eventually lead to grainy quality in the resulting print. In the long run, not only will the print quality be the one to suffer from uneven printer ink distribution through the printer head, but it can also result in irreparable damage to the printer head itself. In creating a formula of printer inks with the proper viscosity, Brother aims not only to make the printing process easier for the printer device and for the computer user him- or herself. The resulting printing job should also be aesthetically pleasing.

Prevention of Smearing and Clogging

Smearing of the printer ink on the paper and clogging of the printer ink cartridges is like a death knell to any printer. It means that the printer ink cartridge is damaged by impurities in the ink, and it is highly likely that the printer head will be damaged as well. Brother prevents clogging from happening to its printer ink cartridges by ensuring the purity of its printer inks; smearing, on the other hand, is effectively prevented by delays between prints to allow the printed pages to dry first.

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