Brother Helps Environment with Green Initiatives

The Earth family has gotten bigger!

While everyone knows Mother Earth, people may not be aware of her technologically inclined sibling, Brother Earth.

Brother Earth is an initiative of the Brother company, a corporation known worldwide for amazing technology. But did you know that for the past several years, Brother has committed itself to its 5R program, which adds refuse and reform to the tradition reduce, reuse, recycle environmental mantra?

Brother vows to refuse to purchase environmentally burdensome materials whenever possible; reduce waste material as much as possible; reuse waste material without processing; reuse materials in a different form by reforming them and reuse materials as resources for its products where possible. And Brother walks the walk when it comes to its 5R philosophy, starting with Brother all-in-one printers and ink cartridges.

Brother uses technological innovation to help you save ink, which is as good for your pocket book as it is for the planet. For example, you know when you photocopy pages from a book and you lay the book across the copier and end up with big, black shadows in the middle of the book and on the edges where the book doesn’t quite touch the copier?

Well, Brother all-in-one printers and copiers automatically adjust the tilt of the book, eliminating these dark shadows and saving the use of ink. It might not sound like much but it’s effective in reducing the amount of ink used (plus it makes your book photocopies nicer to look at and easier to read).

The self-explanatory “Ink Saving Mode” of Brother all-in-one printers emphasizes outlines and lightens colors on pages to reduce the amount of ink consumed,  reducing ink usage while still being easy to read. Those annoying copies where you can see some of what is on the back of the page being copied are a thing of the past thanks to Brother’s copying with bleed-through removal technology. This, too, will make your copies look better, be more legible and will reduce ink usage. Also helping to reduce wasted ink is Brother’s four colour independent ink cartridges, enabling the replacement of only one ink cartridge at a time when a colour is used up.

Brother is also continually looking for ways for its printers to use less energy when in standby mode and when turned off completely. Its DCP-J525N printer reduces energy consumption by 40% while in sleep mode and 60% with the power turned off compared with the 2010 model.

The company also makes it easier to limit the paper used by printing multiple pages on a single sheet, where possible. By reducing multiple original pages to a single page of copy paper and using automatic two-sided printing, you can reduce the amount of paper needed to as little as one-eighth. That’s a lot of savings in paper! Often printing data off a website can take up a lot of paper but Brother has that covered, too, by shrinking on-screen data to a single page or combining scattered data on one page.

Is it necessary to print every fax you receive? With Brother’s all-in-ones, you can preview faxes on an easy to read liquid crystal display to determine if you need to print them or if they can be electronically saved instead.

So Brother Nature’s got you covered for more environmentally friendly printing and PrintCountry’s got you covered for replacement print cartridges with Brother-compatible products.

Help save the environment and save yourself some money with Brother and PrintCountry.




This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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