Brother MFC or Canon PIXMA: Which is the Better Multifunction Printer?

Brother MFC or Canon PIXMA: Which is the Better Multifunction Printer?

People with home devices often prefer to use multifunction printers simply because these devices conserve space and have many features that home offices need compacted in just one device. Most leading printer manufacturers have multifunction printers as part of their product line.

Among the multifunction printers available in the market today, those created by Brother and Canon are some of the best. The question is this: Which is the better line of multifunction printer, the Brother MFC or the Canon PIXMA?

Brother MFC Multifunction Printers

Most Brother MFC multifunction printers have advanced features that really define what multifunction printers are. They are small and lightweight, but certainly compact.

They can work as a decent phone and fax machine. Messages can be recorded on these Brother MFC multifunction printers, making them double as answering machines. They can be operated as speaker phones.

They can work as scanners, with the option to scan to email, scan to file, scan to image or scan to OCR. The Brother MFC multifunction printers are also fitted with widescreen LCD control panels that allow for previews of scans, prints and faxes.

Most of all, they are versatile printers with the ability to print in monochrome or in color, depending on the model. They can even function as photo printers. Also, they can print from USB flash drives and other memory cards, and they are Ethernet-ready.

As much as Brother MFC multifunction printers have all these advanced features, however, they have a couple of flaws. One is that they are not as speedy in printing as other multifunction printers are. The other is that print quality is not that great compared to a dedicated printer.

Canon PIXMA Multifunction printers

On the other hand, Canon PIXMA multifunction printers do not have the advanced features that the Brother MFC multifunction printers have. They are as versatile as can be expected from multifunction printers, but the features that Canon PIXMA multifunction printers possess are just basic, good for small working environments.

For one, many models only have basic fax functions. Some cannot print from or even read USB flash drives. Some cannot function as photo printers. But nonetheless, they can do all the work that other multifunction printers can do, namely printing, faxing and scanning.

There are two abilities that Canon PIXMA multifunction printers have that Brother MFC multifunction printers do not have, however. One is that Canon PIXMA multifunction printers can print in a speedy pace. The other is that their print output is stellar in quality.

Eventually, what it all comes down to is what exactly do people with home offices need in multifunction printers. If they want multifarious functions and features in a printer, and if their printing needs demand versatility in a printer, they should go for Brother MFC models. However, if they are not that big on features and functions and are more focused on printing output quality, a Canon PIXMA model would be a better choice for them.

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