Dell Printers vs. the Leading Competition

Dell Printers vs. the Leading Competition

These days, Hewlett-Packard is still one of the top selling printer brands in the market. However, in the case of Dell, being the leading technology provider that it is, they simply refuse to take this sitting down. Ready to take its toughest competitor by storm, Dell is out to prove that it can also offer the best quality printers at very affordable prices. Considering that printers are one of HP’s core product lines, should they really start worrying?According to the website Amazon, the HP is still one of their bestselling brands in printers. Curiously, Dell hasn’t made the cut as of the most recent update. Be that as it may, take a look at both companies’ top selling monochrome laser printer models. Who knows, maybe you’ll find Dell printers more promising than its direct competitor.

HP LaserJet 1020

Amazon's bestseller in laser printers comes in the form of HP LaserJet 1020 , a model that is purported to be well-suited for home use. It doesn’t really do much considering that it’s designed for minor print jobs but it is purported to produce quality output in a compact case. It connects via a USB cable which means it’s not really for a multi-user environment. With a speed of 12.52ppm (pages per minute) for text prints and 12.61ppm for graphic prints, it only comes up as average when compared to the best in personal printers. Maximum size of medium is A4 which limits its printing possibilities. But considering that it’s a monochrome printer, you could probably cut it some slack.

The HP LaserJet 1020 costs $99.99 at the website. But according to most users, you’re better off spending a bit more on another better brand or model considering this printer’s performance. According to some users who commented on, the printer drivers download are pretty difficult to install. PC World thinks the text quality could be improved and the photo prints are found wanting in contrast.

Dell Laser Printer 1100

According to HP’s press release material, the LaserJet 1020 found a direct competition in Dell Laser Printer 1100. As a personal monochrome laser printer, it has all the basic features that the HP 1020 boasts of. The good thing about this model is that its great performance. According to most user reviews, this printer produces good quality text prints. Installation and set up is also a breeze as it comes with a USB cable. For a personal printer priced at $99.99, this sure is as great a deal as any.

The print quality for texts, according to, looked good and crisp which says a lot for a basic printer. For graphic prints, the review also believes that it is by far better than most of its kind. The best part about Dell’s package is that you can have your old Dell printer replaced with the 1100 at no extra cost.

The Verdict

Dell isn’t so popular with printers as its core products are desktop computers and desktops. However, based from this comparison, it’s easy to surmise that customers who are contemplating on an HP should try to look into the option of acquiring a Dell printer instead. Better quality at the same affordable cost, what else can you ask for? Still, it wouldn’t hurt if you weigh your need for a printer based on your requirements, budget and preference.

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