Hottest Digital Camera Technology in 2009

Hottest Digital Camera Technology in 2009

The year 2008 has not really been a good year for digital camera technologies and the companies that develop them. With prices rising and the world’s economies going through a global recession, sales figures of digital cameras have been less than encouraging.

The top three players in the development of digital camera technologies – Nikon, Canon and Sony – are barely holding on to their position of leadership while the others, such as Olympus, Pentax, Samsung and Panasonic, are floundering on their own. Losses are rampant for most companies dealing in digital camera technologies simply consumers have become slow and hesitant in snapping up their offerings.

The holiday season does not seem to have made a significant change with regards turning the dismal downtrend around. If sales of digital cameras are to pick up anytime soon, it probably would not be seen until after the first quarter of 2009 is over. As thus, the major players in the development of digital camera technologies need to be extra careful with whatever products and technologies they launch. These new products that they may decide to offer to the public can literally make or break their companies in 2009.

Despite the gloomy atmosphere that pervades the digital camera industry, there are nonetheless some developments and new digital camera technologies that these companies have to offer the public. If all goes well, these new offerings may spell a welcome change from the depressing down trend in business today.

Exactly what developments in the realm of digital camera technologies should you look out for?

The GIROPTIC 360° Digital Camera

It has always been that taking panoramic shots using a digital camera is a complicated and irritating chore. Not only that, the results are almost always mediocre, unless the person taking the panoramic shots is a wizard. But in 2009, this chore would actually become easier and more fun to do with the use of the GIROPTIC 360° digital camera.

When GIROPTIC launches this new digital camera next year, it will be the first gadget that will truly be able to take panoramic shots automatically. The technology used here is very simple and will involve only the use of a special tripod. The GIROPTIC panoramic digital camera is also compact and is expected to sell for under $1,000.

Ritz Camera’s More Powerful Rechargeable Batteries

If you are sorely dissatisfied with the life of your batteries and are tired of them dying on you while you are working with your digital camera, Ritz is poised to offer a solution to that in 2009. Next year, Ritz will make the Quantaray Super Z rechargeable batteries available in stores.

The Quantaray Super Z batteries are Nickel-Zinc batteries and are said to be more powerful and more long-lasting than the regular, run-of-the-mill rechargeable batteries found in the market today. This means that you can get a lot more shots and a lot brighter and faster flashes from your digital camera, especially if it is a Ritz.

The big players in the industry of developing digital camera technologies have yet to show the cards they have hidden in their sleeves, but who knows what announcements we will see by New Year’s Day?

This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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