How to Get Cheap Music Downloads for Your iPod

How to Get Cheap Music Downloads for Your iPod

The iPod has certainly done a lot to change the way we experience music. It has definitely made our music more portable and gave us better ways of choosing the music that we want to listen to. The iPod has even begun a revolution among mobile phones and other handheld devices – we can now play music on them whenever we want to.

Life with an iPod is great. It would have been greater, though, if we can get cheap music downloads for our iPods.

The problem with the iPod is that getting the music that we want can be limited. We either upload tracks from albums we already own, or we buy music from Apple’s iTunes store. A song from iTunes costs approximately a dollar each. And then, you cannot easily share the music you have bought from iTunes with your other music devices. The proprietary protection that is embedded with each track in iTunes prevents you from sharing the file.

Thankfully, we do not have to be slaves to our iPods or to iTunes. There are alternatives out there where we can get cheap music downloads that we can share freely with our other music players and with our trusted friends.

So, if money is a problem for you and you think a dollar is too much for a single track, or if you want to share your music without having to worry about proprietary protection, here are your other options for getting cheap music downloads aside from iTunes.

1. Search for online stores that offer cheap music downloads. The Apple iTunes is not the only music store from which you can buy music. Learn to search the Internet for cheap music downloads for your iPod, and you will find online stores that sell music for as low as ¢60.

2. Avail trial membership from online music stores. Not all online music stores offer cheap music downloads, but one feature that you can take advantage of with these sites is their trial membership period. For a period of maybe seven days or so, you can have access to their music database without having to pay a single cent.

3. Look for online stores with low membership fees. Of course the online music stores that offer trial membership periods may have limits to the music downloads that they allow as well. However, one option for cheap music downloads is to find a legitimate website that charges low membership fees for unlimited access to their database. Paying less than $20 per year, or for your entire life, for all the music that you want is definitely a good deal.

4. Get free music. Some websites offer music for free. They do not charge membership fees or download fees for their music. Of course, the tracks they may offer may not be popular, but you can still have good music for the taking if you want it.

5. Browse social networks. Social networks like MySpace and Facebook is a treasure trove for music. It is not just the up-and-coming artists that offer music there. Even established artists and the superstars offer free tracks on their MySpace pages.

You do not have to be a slave to the iTunes store if you cannot afford to spend a dollar for every track that you buy. There are alternatives for cheap music downloads out there. You just need to learn how to find them.

This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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