Theodore Kaczynski Biography

Theodore Kaczynski Biography

The Unabomber, this is perhaps the most famous other name given to Theodore “Ted” Kaczynski. But who is Theodore Kaczynski? What is his life all about? What led him to be named as the Unabomber?


Who is Theodore Kaczynski?

This man was born in Chicago Illinois on May 22, 1942. As an infant, he developed allergic reactions to some medicines thus causing him to be in the hospital for a few weeks. As a result, he became a cry baby and even withdrew himself from other members of the family. Despite that, he was given all the attention he needed.

His mother noticed that even as a child, Ted is a gifted individual. There are several facets of his life that proved that. First, when he was 10, he took an IQ test and garnered a score of 170. Second, he finished high school in only two years. Third, he pursued his love for mathematics through no less than Harvard University.

His intellectual capabilities overshadowed his socializing skills. Many people observed he was the shy type, often walking pass a crowd without even greeting them. He concentrated more on his studies and never had a time to play with others. Because of these instances, people thought he had a mild case of autism known as Asperger’s Syndrome.

He was subjected to several psychological experiments together with other students of Dr. Henry Murray. This mind control test was all about how people cope with their studies with stressful conditions.

Ted’s life after his studies

Ted decided to move to Ann Arbor, Michigan right after he graduated from Harvard in 1962. In this new place, he took up both his Master’s and Ph.D. degrees. After finishing all these degrees, he focused on the study of Complex Analysis (with a specialization in the field of Geometric Function Theory). His dissertation paper earned an award in 1967.

During the later part of that year, Ted decided to transfer to California. He landed a job as an assistant professor in mathematics in the University of California. But since he is anti-social, so to speak, students were quite adamant to approach him thus causing him to have poor reviews during his stay in the university. He then resigned in 1969 despite the support given to him by his co-professors.

Living a life of a hermit

After leaving the university, he decided to live in a small shack. He had nothing to support himself except going for random jobs and asking financial aid from his family.

It was in 1978 when a sudden turn of events happened in Ted’s life. He filled in a package of explosives and left it at the University of Illinois with the sender’s name “Professor Buckley Crist”. The package was sent back to the supposed addressee. But since Crist knew he did not send any package, he opened it up and the explosive caused minor injuries on him.

The Unabomber issue

From that simple package, Ted never stopped sending explosive packages to airline officials. In fact, he planted one on a cargo plane in 1979. The bomb was easily detected and during the investigation, the FBI called their suspect the “Unabomber”. It was John Douglas, an FBI agent who supposed the bomb was made by an academic individual. But his claims were rejected thus no fingers were able to point out to Ted Kaczynski.

He continued sending the bombs (having an “FC” or Freedom Club inscription) with the first serious injury caused in 1985. He stopped what he was doing in 1987. But, in 1993 he started sending out these explosive packages again. From then on, more fatal bombs were sent to various individuals.

It was in 1995 when he sent mails to his victims and demanded that his 35,000-page “Unabomber Manifesto” be published in various newspapers. The Washington Post and New York Times published the same for the public’s safety.

Ted’s brother recognized the handwriting and reported the incident to the FBI. Forensic linguists investigated on the matter with the help of Ted’s family members. It was in April 3, 1996 when Ted was arrested and nearly two years later, in January 22, 1998, Ted pleaded guilty.

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