USB Cell (NiMH) Battery Technology How Does It Work?

USB Cell (NiMH) Battery Technology How Does It Work?

NiMH technology is a new kind of technology used for batteries. It is an abbreviated form for Nickel Metal Hydride and this technology is largely used in industrial as well as consumer applications. One reason why this battery technology is so much in demand is because of the flexibility in design.

Reasons for popularity

There are many reasons, which make the NiMH technology so popular. It is an excellent source of energy and acts as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional power sources. The cost of this battery technology is not much, making this a suitable choice for those looking at energy within a budget. In the olden days, the typical NiMH batteries produced limited temperatures for operation. However, the modern USB technology is able to produce high degrees of power even at relatively cold temperatures such as minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The latest innovations performed on the nickel hydroxide and metal hydride is what has made this possible.

How it works

The method of functioning of NiMH technology is relatively simple. These batteries are essentially electrochemical cells, which are similar to cells containing to Nickel Hydrogen. By using an alloy, which absorbs hydrogen, for negative electrode, you are avoiding the usage of cadmium. Compared to conventional nickel and cadmium batteries, NiMH technology batteries have twice or thrice the capacity. Hence, such batteries last much longer and produce more power as well.

Charging methods

The voltage range for charging such USB cell technology batteries is between 1.4 to 1.6 volts. In the method of automated charging, one cannot use constant voltage values. If you intend to charge these batteries rapidly, you should use smart battery chargers in order to prevent overcharging of the battery. Overcharging such an NiMH technology battery can easily result in dangerous situations as well as damage the cells. You must also never use NiCd charger in place of an NiMH charger.

There are many different methods of charging such NiMH batteries. These are outlined below: – Temperature charge: Here, the voltage for charging is almost constant. The incoming power is converted into chemical energy. Once the NiMH battery is completely charged, the charging power is converted into heat.
– Manual charge: You can also charge such NiMH batteries manually by setting the current or voltage to suitable rate of charging. You also need to set a timer for this. You will need to monitor the charging process periodically to prevent overcharging.
– Trickle charge: This is the least preferred method of charging any NiMH battery because it can result in overcharging. The ideal rate of trickle charging should be within 0.033xC to 0.05xC each hour.

Low environment impact

One reason why such NiMH batteries are in demand is because of their low impact on the environment. The absence of the poisonous substance called Cadmium makes the NiMH technology a better option compared to the conventional NiCD batteries. Industrial grades of Nickel are easily recycled and this contributes to a more eco-friendly alternative. You can easily purchase such NiMH batteries in several retail stores.

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