How did Seiko Epson Start in Printer Business?

How did Seiko Epson Start in Printer Business?

One of the largest printer solutions company in the whole world, Seiko Epson dominates a fair share of the printing solutions market. Truly one of the movers and shakers of the industry, the influence of Seiko Epson can be felt in the desk of a college student in Boston with his personal printer up to a Tokyo office of Information Technology workgroups with their network printers. From a historical vantage point, how did Seiko Epson commence in the printing solutions business? That question must be raised and an answer must be gathered.


The watchmakers before the printers

Before Seiko Epson became giants in the printing solutions industry, they started as watchmakers. At first, the company manufactured and mass-produced Seiko watches, which were a hit in the Asian region. With their brilliance in creating watches, Seiko Epson in fact produced the landmark quartz timers, which are now used by most watches in maintaining time accurately in wristwatches. Their achievements in creating watches and success in sales paved the way for international prominence when the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games Board chose them as official timers, particularly in the task of printing official times in several events. This opened Seiko Epson to a whole new venture in business.

Expansion process: from expert watchmakers to juggernaut printers

With the nature of their task during the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games, Seiko Epson came to a decision to enter the printing business. After the Olympic Games, Seiko Epson commenced the production of electric printers. In 1968, they released the momentous EP-101—their first ever printer. This printer became a sensation in Japan and in the Asian region. So from a company known for producing quality watches, Seiko Epson also became renowned in technological development, specifically in the printing department.

Known for their continuous advancements in technology, Seiko Epson created the piezoelectric crystal technology. This advancement of Seiko in the year 1993 allowed them to manufacture new prototype printers that print without having to heat the printer ink first, which was then the norm during those times. This development become a deciding reason for Seiko Epson to finally compete in the US and European market against other printing solutions heavyweights such as Hewlett-Packard and Canon.

In 1994, Seiko Epson released a high resolution printer that allowed casual consumers and professional photographers to print pictures without spending a lot of money. By mass producing this high-resolution printer, Seiko Epson made it a point to lead the market and steal a huge share of Hewlett-Packard’s and Canon’s supporters.

Continuous Advancement: the Seiko Epson Way

In the virtue of its continuous technological advancement, which is its hallmark ever since its inception as a watch manufacturing company, Seiko Epson in 1999 made the world’s fastest color inkjet printer known as the Epson Stylus Color 900. Aside from that, Seiko Epson constantly creates advancements in the printing solutions market through their innovative technologies. Nowadays, they focus on keeping the environment safe by contributing to several efforts in saving the environment. Seiko Epson makes it a point that its endeavors contribute in the progression of a clean and green planet.


This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry Articles.

This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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