Using Epson Inkjet Printers Print Wallpapers

Using Epson Inkjet Printers Print Wallpapers

I bet you did not you could do that with your printer. We did not.

Epson Inkjet Printer Prints Wallpaper 

According to Electronic New Paper April 13, 2007 article a restaurant in Kyoto has used a high-end Epson printer and Epson printer ink cartridges to print its wallpaper. Here is the article:


Forget the interior designer, Use an inkjet to create wallpapers, flooring

By Magdalene Phang

IMAGINE being able to completely overhaul your home's interior with a mere inkjet printer.

Tired of the same old patterns on the curtains? Print new ones.

Want the sofa cover to match that dress you're wearing? No problem.


Well, a restaurant in Kyoto has done just that with its high-end Epson printer.

It changes the look of its interiors and its menus to match the seasonal food that it serves or an event that it is catering for.

While we often think inkjet printers are only good for printing on paper or blank CDs, Epson has been pushing its ink technology to impact other types of surfaces as well.

At the core of Epson's printer prowess is its unique micro piezo technology.

That's the technology Epson uses to deliver the little dots of ink from printer to paper.

Unlike printers from rivals, which use heat to eject the bubbles of ink, Epson's technology uses mechanical pressure to push out the ink drops.

This helps to better control the size of the dots, hence giving higher print resolutions, the company claims.

The technology also makes the printing process faster and allows Epson printers to use a wider variety of inks on any printing media.

Epson recently announced the launch of a new micro piezo printer head that would take its inkjet printer business to the next level.

The new head allows for higher photo-quality print resolution – with a nozzle density of 360 dots per inch(dpi) compared to the current 180dpi – and can be fitted into more compact inkjet equipment.

Mass production of the new heads begins this month, and the printers will be on the market soon.

With the new printer head, Epson hopes to expand its share of the corporate inkjet printing business, which it sees as being more lucrative than the highly-competitive consumer market, Seiko Epson president SeijiHanaoka said at the company's business and technology forum in Tokyo on 27Mar.

The company is targetting an ordinary profit of 100 billion yen ($1.27b) in 2008.

No walk in the park considering that last year, Epson posted an ordinary profit of 40byen and is projecting to rake in 48b yen this year.

Currently, Epson's corporate customers make up 30per cent of its printer business.

It plans to grow this proportion to 50percent.

Meanwhile, those who attended the forum were shown how micro piezo technology has been used in various industries and consumer products.

For instance, in collaboration with Panasonic, a digital TV printer was launched in Japan last September.

Like its name suggests, it prints data from digital TV broadcasts. For instance, you can print out the recipe that is flashed during a cooking demonstration on TV.

Pretty nifty, but don't rush out to get one of these gadgets shipped to your home just yet.

Digital TV is still in its nascent stage in Singapore, with content being limited to movies and TV dramas that don't have other digital data embedded in the broadcast.

In another corner of the Epson showcase stood an ornate sliding door complemented by a kimono, in matching print.

An attractive display, but what we were surprised to find out was that the tatami mat on which the items rested was a mere two-dimensional printout.

A few visitors couldn't help but run their hands on it just to check that the texture on the mat was just print magic.

Of course, to have such cool printing technology would mean investing in a large-format printer (like the ones you see in the shops along Selegie Road).

But hey, if money's no object, why not?

A mock-up of a dining room showed where all the printing has been applied – on cushion covers, tablecloth and napkins, on the wallpaper and even on floor tiles. 

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This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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