All You Need to Know about

All You Need to Know about

Was there ever a time you thought of browsing through because you own a product that comes from the company? Well, if you haven't accessed the site, then you must be missing on some important things. Remember that if you bought HP computers or HP printers, there will come a time that you should make use of the site.


Sections you should be familiar with in

There are actually plenty of them but of course, you will be more interested to know where you can actually get customer support. Here are some sections to take note of.

1. Support and Drivers Page ( This section will help you search for drivers and other software for your HP products. You can use this page for troubleshooting purposes. The section is divided into different modes by which you can access the driver for HP printers or computers. First, you can select a task then enter your product name or number. If you don't know how to detect the product number, automatic detection is available to you on the second option. Then, you may also select a product category to ask for help.

2. Products and Services Page ( Now, if you haven't bought any product from HP yet but you are contemplating to buy one, this is the main page you must use. This page is divided into five main sections: Computers; Printing and Imaging Products; Software; Services; Accessories and Networking. These are further subdivided into other sections. did this to make shopping even easier for you. Once you have clicked your product or service choice, you will be led to a page that discusses about the product. By the way, you can also find HP printer ink, toner and paper supplies (under the Printing and Imaging Products section) for homes and businesses.

3. Solutions Page ( Aside from using the Products and Services page to find the right service or solution for your HP products, you may also make use of the Solutions Page. This page also includes software and hardware solutions. This section is sub-classified into: Large Enterprise Business Solutions; Small and Medium Business Solutions; Home and Home Office Solutions; Government, Health and Education Solutions; Notebook Solutions; Printing and Imaging Solutions; Desktop Solutions; Workstation, Industries and Software; and Storage Solutions. Simply click on any of the subcategories you will find under these subheadings.

4. How-to-Buy Page ( This page teaches you ways on how to buy using online means as well as using other options. You can buy direct from HP by calling 800-BUY-MYHP or you may use HP retailers (800-752-0900) or resellers (800-282-6672) instead. There are also some program options (found on the upper left-hand corner of the page under "How-to-Buy") like: Leasing and Financing; Equipment Take-Out and Disposition; and HP Trade-In Program.

5. Homepage ( The homepage contains all the other subsections discussed above. Aside from these however, you can locate other things you should know about the company through the lowest part of the page. You can get updated HP reports as well as learn more about the company. You can also watch some HP videos or locate the HP Labs through this page. Furthermore, you can use other links such as Resources and Customer Support from this page.

But wait – be careful with your spelling when using

If there are other concerns you have which you feel is not listed on the pages mentioned above, then you can use the search button located at the upper right-hand corner of the page. But before you ever land a successful search, you should take note of some misspellings like:

1. CARTRIDGES spelled as "Cartriges", "Cartirdges" or "Catrige."

2. If you're looking for printer products, there's a tendency you will interchange the letters and numbers indicating the product's model. This is also considered a misspelling and you won't be able to access the site.

3. Instead of typing the correct word which is "BUSINESS", you might misspell it as "busines".

4. ACCESSORIES spelled as "acessories" or "accesories" or "accessorise"


5. And the worst of all; misspelling Hewlett-Packard for "Hewlet-Packard" or "Hewlett-Pakard". To be safer just type in "HP."

These are just some of the misspellings you should consider if you want to access pages the correct way. Otherwise, you may end up repeating your searches over and over again yet you won't find what you're actually looking for.


This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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