10 Great Ways to Make Your Garage Sale a Success

10 Great Ways to Make Your Garage Sale a Success

Whether you are moving or just simply making room for some new furniture and equipment, having a garage sale offers you the chance to turn them into cash. Here are just 10 simple tips that you can do to make sure that your next garage sale would become a resounding success.

1. Check the prices online

Next to deciding which ones you will be including in your garage sale, the first thing to do is to canvass around for the price range you can sell them in. Remember that these are already used items so make sure that you do not price them too high. On the other hand, make sure also that the prices that you post are both reasonable while still allowing you to make a profit. You can easily get this information by checking auction websites for price ranges.

2. Post advertisements in your local paper

Local and community newspapers are one way to let the people around your community know about your upcoming garage sale. Instead of just simply posting some information, provide your local paper with a copy of an advertisement that you have created. While this may cost more, it would definitely get the attention of the people in your community more effectively.

3. Choose your day carefully

It is important to make sure that when you decide the date for your garage sale that there are a lot of people around your area to come and buy. Try having this on a Sunday afternoon when most of your neighbors and other people in your community would just be at home. Make sure that this does not land on a holiday since there is a great big chance for those in your community to be elsewhere.

4. Put up posters

Another way to get the word out about your garage sale is to put up signs in your local community boards. You can easily create these through a design software program or through any of the online printing websites found over the Internet. Make sure that you make these colorful and eye-catching so that people would become interested in what it says.

5. Distribute fliers

Since you would be creating posters, why not make smaller versions of this and distribute them all over your community. Have them placed on the windows of cars in public parking areas and insert them in your mailbox. To save on printer ink, you can just make one copy and then photocopy a lot of these to distribute.

6. Make your garage sale easy to find

On the day of your garage sale, make sure that you post posters around your area that would be able to direct your potential customers to your home. Be sure to get the permission of your local community board first before doing so.

7. Have a festive sign

Instead on having a simple sign you have made with the use of a cardboard and some markers, create one using your computer. It would make it a lot more colorful and eye-catching so that people passing by would stop and look through what you have to offer.

8. Make room for your customers

Politely ask your neighbors if it will be possible for them not to park in front of your house so that you can make room for your customers. This way, those who have driven to your garage sale would be able to conveniently park in front of your house to buy your products.

9. Label your products

Make it a lot easier for your customers to look around. Print out labels which contain the prices and simply stick them where it is easy to find. Another way to do this is to create tent cards through online printing websites which you can display in front of items with the same prices.

10. Have an outlet and batteries ready

If you are selling electrical or battery-powered items, make sure that your customers would be able to test this before purchasing them.

This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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