10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Your Printer

10 Things You Did not Know You Could Do With Your Printer

Just about everyone uses a printer these days. And if it isnot on a daily basis, it is pretty close to it. But what do you do with thatprinter of yours day in and day out? Print out Word documents? Print out afunny photo from the Internet? If that is all you do, then you are not evengetting close to using your printer to its full potential! Do not let it sit byidly anymore. Here are 10 great ways you can use your printer starting now.

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1.Print Photos

This idea may seem like a no brainer, but I am not justtalking about printing out images from the web. I am not even talking aboutprinting out a photo from your family vacation. What I am talking about isusing your printer to print photos that look like you just had them developedprofessionally. With some high quality glossy photo paper, photo quality inkcartridges and a bit of editing skills, you can print all of your favoritephotos with ease without needing any professional help. And the beauty of itis, most people use digital cameras these days rather than traditional 35 mmfilm, so the transfer is easy. You can even plug your camera directly into someprinter models and print photos right off of the camera.

2.Make Labels

Now, you probably knew you could make labels, right? But thevariety of labels you can make is something to talk about. You can makecustomized CD labels that look like the real thing. You can make shippinglabels and address labels for your letters and important packages. You can evencreate custom labels for your filing cabinet. All you need is the right type oflabel sheets and some high quality printer ink and you will be ready to labelanything

3.Share It

If you have more than one computer in your home or officethat does not mean you need more than one printer. In fact, you can set up allof these computers so that they operate off of a network. Then, you can addyour printer to this network making it so all of the computers utilize it. Andeven better, this whole process is easy. All it takes is plugging in a fewcords or installing a wireless network, making sure all of the computers havethe right driver and you are done

4.Make Your Own Stationary

If you run a business or if you merely like to write lettersa lot, you can create your own stationary and letterheads with your printer.Come up with a design and then print out some copies of it! Or, just save it onyour hard drive to use as a template when you write those letters. Either way,you will end up with neat, tidy and professional looking letters from now on.

5.Print A Calendar

They do not have to be those cheesy pre-programmed into thesoftware calendars, either. I mean, you can literally print your own calendar,here. Customize it with pictures, fill in important dates and leave room forlast minute additions. You can print it out on thicker paper and use it at yourdesk for reference.

6.Make A Company Newsletter

If you feel like there is news to be spread about yourcompany, why not make a newsletter to inform your employees? You can use atemplate from many different programs like Word or Publisher. Add pictures andyour own text. Next up, print it out on decent paper, fold it up or staple itand get ready to distribute it! If you do not run your own company, you can makea family newsletter as well to send to the relatives. Let each family memberwrite their own section, making sure to give all of the important updates.

7.Start a Scrapbook

If you are feeling crafty, you can use your printer to starta scrapbook. Digital scrapbooks are becoming all the rage these days, but evenmore so are printed out pages that look like scrapbook pages. Include images ofitems and photos of the event. Be sure to include catchy text as well. Next,organize all of that so that it looks like a scrapbook page. You can find somenifty templates online for these sorts of projects. Next, print it out and addit to your book. You get to create something beautiful and personal without allof the cutting and gluing.

8.Create Your Own Promotional Materials

Presuming you have a business, you will always be in theneed of promotional materials. That is why using your printer to its fullestpotential can be so great! You can print out business cards, letterheads, pressreleases, and even portfolios. You can develop marketing campaigns and do someof your own PR legwork. Who knew your printer could be so useful?

9.Create Projects For Your Kids

If you have kids, a printer can be a handy tool. Just thinkof all of the fun things you can create, find and print out for them? You cancreate a coloring book out of line drawings. You can make a puzzle out of ablown up image. You can even help them make a collage of their favoritepictures on the computer and then print it out for display. The options are limitless.

10.Give Your Eyes A Break

When you read a lot of text online for any great period oftime it causes eyestrain. The backlit screen and the fact that you do not blinkvery much can contribute to health problems like eye dryness, contactirritation and headaches. Instead of reading everything on the screen all ofthe time, try printing out some of the documents you need to read. Then, settleinto a comfortable chair and read away. It is a lot less of a chore on youroverworked eyes.


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