All of the Best Valentine’s Crafts with Your Printer

All of the Best Valentine’s Crafts with Your Printer

Come Valentine’s Day, are you ready to show your loved ones how much you love them? Perhaps you’re not, and it’s because you still haven’t chosen the perfect gifts for them. Valentine gifts don’t have to actually break your bank. They simply require a dose of love and care, a little bit of ingenuity, and a printer machine, perhaps a Canon printer, to produce your own self-made Valentine’s crafts for someone special during February 14:

1. Fabric Charm Packs

Valentine’s crafts like charm packs are a whole set of coordinated fabrics. They are mostly composed of squares, the number depend upon your liking. They can contain several designs, some with sweet and inspiring messages-yes, just like Valentine’s cards. They are usually sold in quilt stores located in your area.

You can add your own personal touch to your Valentine’s gift ideas by attaching a poem, personal message, or a photo of the recipient. So you can add more effects, you can compose or paste them first in your word processor, and change some of their attributes, like the color and size. You can even add some fancy borders. When you’re done, you can simply print them, probably in your HP printer. However, because you’re after for good-quality printouts, you may have to do some adjustments to the default settings of your printer.

2. Scrapbooks

What better way to celebrate the many years of togetherness and Valentine’s Day than producing a scrapbook? One of the best Valentine’s gift ideas, it will contain all pictures, letters, mementos, and everything the fantastic journey you shared together. Fortunately, there are already pre-made scrapbooks that you can find in any craft shops. You can already pick the additional designs you want to add like little flowers, buttons, and stickers. There are also a number of websites that offer pretty designs that can be fitting to the occasion and to the scrapbook that you are presently making. All you need to do is to download them to your computer and print them in your Canon printer whenever you’re ready to use them. This way, you can achieve unlimited scrapbook designs.

3. Greeting Cards

No matter how many new gifts come up during Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s cards, along with flowers and chocolates, still remain one of the most sought-after presents. You can still join the bandwagon, but if you think that it removes the personal touch you’ve been looking for your greeting card, or you simply like to minimize your Valentine expenses, you can just design your own greeting card instead. There are already free designing programs that you can download and install in your PC. They contain a number of templates that you can choose from, which also allow you to produce your own Valentine’s cards, complete with your personal message, in a matter of minutes. Grab a scented or colored paper and print what you’ve created. Don’t forget to put your self-made label at the bottom of the card a la Hallmark. Not only does it explore your artistry, but you have made an extra-special gift to your loved one.

With these fantastic Valentine’s Day gift ideas using your printer, only your imagination is the sole limit.

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