Do-It-Yourself Printing Project: Dungeons and Dragons Adventures

Do-It-Yourself Printing Project: Dungeons and Dragons Adventures

Whether you reckon it by sales figures or by the general popularity it enjoys, Dungeons and Dragons is, without a doubt, the best roleplaying game ever invented. Created by the late Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson in the early 1970s, Dungeons and Dragons – or D&D for short – has influenced most of the new crop of roleplaying games available since D&D itself was launched.

A D&D game is a group game played on the tabletop with a die, maps, miniatures and other accessories that will enhance the ambiance of the game. The group is always led by a dungeon master, who acts as referee and as a sort-of narrator to the story. Always, the game centers on a storyline and how the characters created by the players progress through this storyline. Storylines used in D&D were once called modules, but since the third edition of the game, they are now referred to as D&D adventures.

If you want to try your hand at being a dungeon master, you would need to create a compelling D&D adventure. There are certainly many modules available out there that you can download for free, but nothing exercises a dungeon master’s creativity more than creating his or her own module. Here are a few tips on how to create your own D&D adventure.

The Story Is the Heart of the Game

When you create your own adventure, you would need to make it as unique as possible. As much as possible, avoid old and overused clichés such as rescuing a princess from an isolated tower or defeating a dragon for the sake of spoils. Chivalry, heroic rescues and great battles are well and good, but sprinkle in a healthy mix of mystery and intrigue into your storyline. Also, you should aim a balance between combat situations and roleplay situations whenever you can.

Since D&D adventures are, by nature, open-ended stories, you should just create a general outline of what is supposed to happen in your story and print it out right in time for your next meeting with your group. You should also augment your storyline with a map. You can draw a crude one using paper and pencil or you can be fancy about it and draw it on your computer and print it out in time for the next meeting.

The Party of Adventurers

Your D&D adventure will not mean anything if you do not have any characters to play unique roles in the story. The main characters in your storyline would be none other than the party of adventurers that your fellow players will create. To make the story more interesting, you should also generate non-playing characters or NPCs that your adventurers will interact with from time to time.

Rolling characters can be a complicated process. For this, you would need to print out player record sheets – two for each character. One sheet will be for the player and one to help you keep track of which characters are in your game. Each character sheet should have a table of the basic stats of each character, the character’s special abilities, as well as the character’s name, race and class.

There are many pre-made D&D adventures that you can refer to as a guide for your own game, even if you do not want to use them yourself. Also, it helps to have the official player’s guidebook with you.

This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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