Simple Steps to Create a Family Cookbook

Simple Steps to Create a Family Cookbook

Each family has their own special set of "secret" recipes which are passed down from generation to generation. Usually, these are passed down by just teaching these to family members or being scribbled on notepads. Unfortunately, it is so easy to forget these and note scribbles may get easily misplaced. By creating a family cookbook, you are sure that all these treasured and timeless recipes would be lovingly stored and kept for years on. It also makes a perfect gift for birthdays and weddings within your family.

Creating a family cookbook for all your recipes is extremely easy. All you need is a design software program in your computer to make this possible. If you do not have one, not to worry! There are a number of different online printing websites which you can easily sign up and create the pages and cover of your own cookbook. Here are a just some easy-to-do steps to create your family’s very own cookbook.

Collect the recipes

A cookbook would not be a cookbook without any recipes. Try to get a variety of different favorites of your family, from appetizers to deserts. If you are unsure about some of the recipes, contact your relatives through phone and email to get these recipes. You could also include some recipes that you have created which your family would love.

Find the story behind the recipe

Take time to learn more about the stories behind these recipes. It might have been a recipe that sprung out from just simply throwing whatever they could find at home. This would make creating your cookbook a wonderful time to bond and reminisce with your relatives.

Take pictures of the finished product

The next time that you have a family gathering, try to take time and take pictures of the dishes that you plan to include in the cookbook you are planning to create. Not only would you be able to remember what it is supposed to look like when you try the recipe. You can also include some bits and pieces of when the picture was taken into your cookbook as well. Another good idea is to take pictures of your relative with his or her edible work of art. That way, your children and grandchildren would be able to put a face behind the creator of the recipe when you pass these recipes to them.

Design your layout

Once you have all the materials, it is time to create each and every page of the cookbook. It is a good idea to have just one layout for each page to make sure that the entire cookbook would look clean, organized and easy for you to go through each recipe printed.

Create dividers

If you were able to collect recipes for appetizers, main courses and desserts, it is a good idea to create dividers to categorize these to make it a lot easier to find in the future. Online printing websites have a variety of different templates for dividers that can help you make designing this extremely easy.

Make your cover

You could simply put a picture of your entire family or a collage of different dishes that are included in this cookbook. Do not just limit yourself with the front cover. Take time to also design the back over and the spine. Online printing websites have a number of these different templates which you can use to create the cover of your cookbook.

Bind them all together

You have a lot of options on how to bind your family’s cookbook. It could be as simple as simply putting all of these in a binder that you can buy in your office supply depot. For something a little bit more rustic, try using handmade paper for your cover and the pages of your cookbook and bind them together by tying it with some string. If you own a home business and have a ring or wire binder, this could work as well.

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