Ten Cool Printing Projects Grandparents Can Make For Their Grandkids

Ten Cool Printing Projects Grandparents Can Make For Their Grandkids

In this day and age when kids are more interested with puttering around with MySpace, chatting with friends on cellphones and instant messengers, and beating up monsters on MMORPGs, what can grandparents do to convince their grandchildren that they too can do cool things with computers? The answer to this question is simple: play around with some printing projects.

Printing projects do not have to be expensive and complicated. It does not even require Grandpa or Grandma to be a computer whiz. All that is needed in creating printing projects that will impress even the snottiest computer-literate kid are the right tools and a little creativity. Here are ten print projects that even grandparents will find easy and fun to do.

1. Storybooks. Many grandparents spend a lot of time with their grandchildren by telling stories. One great printing project that grandparents can do with their grandchildren is to come up with their own storybooks. They can type up their own stories on a word processor and accompany them with scans of pictures drawn by the kids. When the storybook is done, this printing project can be printed and book-bound for future enjoyment.

2. Jigsaw puzzles. Why buy a jigsaw puzzle from the store? A grandparent can just print a good picture on glossy paper, glue it on good cardboard, and then cut it up into jigsaw puzzle pieces. This printing project can be enjoyed by the grandchildren on lazy, rainy afternoons.

3. Origami finger puppets. Finger puppets are good aids for storytelling. A grandparent can print out patterns on paper as well as origami instructions. Then, he or she can have the grandchildren work on this printing project together, and then play with the results.

4. Stationery. Though it is the age of the email and the instant messenger, handwritten notes are still appreciated. Grandparents can make stationery sets – a stationery pad and matching envelopes – as a printing project and use them to teach their grandchildren the fine art of writing letters by hand.

5. Photo albums. Kids are always interested in pictures of themselves and people they know. Grandparents can make a digital photo album print project by scanning old pictures, arranging them in a snazzy layout, and then printing them on good photo paper.

6. Family trees. Grandparents can make the digital photo album into a print project of a higher level – a family tree with pictures of each member. Family trees always give kids a sense of belonging.

7. Picture quilts. Grandparents do not have to limit themselves on print projects using paper. They can use fabric and make picture quilts for their grandkids’ comforters.

8. Gift wrappers. Grandparents can wrap up little presents for their grandchildren using wrappers they made as print projects.

9. Iron-on prints. Kids always enjoy T-shirts that are customized for them. Grandparents can make printing projects out of this by printing out patterns on transfer paper and then ironing them on T-shirts.

10. Stuffed toys. Custom-made stuffed toys are also neat. This printing project involves printing out animal patterns on fabric, sewing them together and putting some stuffing into the animal.

Print projects are great ways that grandparents can impress their grandchildren and make these youngsters believe that grandparents can be cool despite being old.

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