Best 5 Brotherly Love Songs Ever

Best 5 Brotherly Love Songs Ever

There are two factors that determine whether we like a song or not. One, of course, is the song's melody. The other factor revolves around song lyrics. Song lyrics give the song meaning and often, tug at our emotions. While most songs that touch us are about love and heartache, there are also songs about brotherly love that can bring even the toughest guy to tears. So here, we present you with five of the greatest songs about brotherly love.


1. "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother." This is an old song written by Bobby Scott and Bob Russel during the '60s to '70s. It was recorded by The Hollies on September 1, 1969 and was also rendered by Neil Diamond in 1970, for his album Tap Root Manuscript. The song lyrics of "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" is based on brotherly love, with lines that go "His welfare is of my concern / No burden is he to bear / We'll get there / For I know / He would not encumber me / He ain't heavy, he's my brother."

2. "Brother of Mine." Written and performed by Yes, "Brother of Mine" was included in the five-CD box set titled In a Word, which was released in 2002. One of the greatest songs in the progressive rock genre, this track tells of brotherly love and, more importantly, love for each and every person in this world. The song lyrics go: "Just hear your voice / Sing all the songs of the earth / Nothing can come between us / You're a brother of mine."

3. "Daniel." Probably one of the most popular songs of Sir Elton John, "Daniel" skyrocketed to the music charts in 1973, when it was released in the album Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only the Piano Player. Written by the singer / pianist himself and his lyricist Bernie Taupin, the song is about a Vietnam war soldier coming home after the war. Most people know the song lyrics by heart, which go: " Daniel my brother you are older than me / Do you still feel the pain of the scars that won't heal / Your eyes have died but you see more than I Daniel you're a star in the face of the sky."

4. "Terry's Song." Although rocker Bruce Springsteen never had a brother, this song touched hundreds of siblings all over the world because of its heartfelt lyrics of brotherly love. Most people say that the song could pertain to any close friend who you can consider your brother. The song was released as a hidden track in 2007, in the album Magic. It was supposedly about the death of a very close friend of Springsteen. His love for his friend is evident in the lyrics, which go: " Now the world is filled with many wonders under the passing sun / And sometimes something comes along and you know it's for sure the only one / The Mona Lisa, the David, the Sistine Chapel, Jesus, Mary, and Joe / And when they built you, brother, they broke the mold / When they built you, brother, they turned dust into gold."

5. "Permanent." Haunting and melancholic, "Permanent" was written by American Idol winner David Cook for his older brother Adam, who was battling cancer. The song was released in his self-titled album in 2008. He expresses his brotherly love in the song lyrics of "Permanent." Cook sings, "And everything, it will surely change even if I tell you I won't go away today / Will you think that you're all alone / When no one's there to hold your hand? / And all you know seems so far away and everything is temporary rest your head."

Love comes in many forms indeed, and all these songs speak of stories that touch hearts and lives because of deep and heartfelt expressions of brotherly love.


This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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