Big Brother TV Reality Show Top Moments List ( US Version)

Big Brother TV Reality Show Top Moments List ( US Version)

The reality TV show – Big Brother – is actually based on the Dutch television show by the same name that hit the screens back in 1999. This show features a group of strangers. This group of strangers is called by the name HouseGuests. They have to live together in a house all 24 hours. This house is supposed to belong to the ‘Big Brother.’ During their stay, they are very isolated from the outer world but are always under the surveillance of some unseen pair of eyes. They do not have any privacy. Quite naturally, owing to such a unique concept, the Big Brother series became a big hit in the US ever since it hit the small screen and has been continuing its successful run over the years. Let us have a peek into some of the best moments of this continuing run of the Big Brother reality show.

One of the biggest moments of the Big Brother show is undoubtedly the eviction of Dustin in BigBrother 9. As is natural with almost all reality shows of this kind, some people were not at all upset with the eviction of Dustin. There were however, many who were taken by surprise as Dustin was favored by so many viewers of the show. It can be rated as one of the most important moments of the show as it followed a series of events that went on to change the entire atmosphere of the Big Brother show.

Memorable Events

One of the most exciting events of the Big Brother series 2 was the brief spell of anxiety when Justin went to the extent of threatening his fellow mates at the house with intimidation and physical violence. It went on to be noted very seriously among the juries as well as the common viewers of the Big Brother show because of the fact that physical coercion, or even the slightest hint of that, happens to be among the most serious of the violations of the norms, i.e. the house rules. It resulted in an official warning for Justin; he was told that his behavior was not ‘appropriate’ and in keeping with the spirit of the reality show. However, it finally resulted in Justin’s eviction from the show.

Somewhat similar incident was repeated during the Big Brother 4 when Scott Weintraub, one of the houseguests, had a rather violent outburst. It was in relation to the season twist – the X-factor. In his violent outburst, Scott toppled all the furniture in the house and even refused attending the diary room as summoned. Later, he went to the diary room only to learn that he had been expelled and had to be evicted.

Greatest Moments

One of Big Brother 6’s greatest moments came when Michael Donnellan and Eric Littman engaged in a confrontation in relation to the comments that Michael passed regarding the family of Eric. It was some joke that Michael cracked to Janelle about Eric’s grandfather. Rachel reported that to Eric and this followed the serious exchange of words. Big Brother 8 too, had its share of events that drew controversy all through America. It was regarding the way Richard ‘evil dick’ behaved with the houseguests, especially the female mates.

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