Funny (Or Frightening!) Printer Joke & E-mail Printer Ink Chains

When Printers Hit Your Inbox: Funny (Or Frightening!) Joke E-mail Printer Ink Chains

So you know those annoying e-mails you get sometimes? They say something along the lines of “Send this to five people in five minutes or else you will have bad luck for life.” You know the ones that you usually delete?Well, sometimes, those email chain letters can be kind of funny. Or they will make you stop and say, “huh” at the very least. There is no way to know if these are real or not, but they sure do make you stop and pay attention.

Printer Mouse?

Here are some of the funniest (and most disturbing) printer and printer ink cartridges related chain letters and pictures on the web today.

Print Error!

Apparently, this cake printer can’t print in a foreign language. That is a serious glitch there. You would think someone would have noticedthe problem before they pressed “print”?

Mouse Squeak!

Okay, this one is just horrible, but I’m going to tell myself it’s fake. Yes, that is not a real mouse stuck in that laser printer.Nope, some serious Photoshop skills were implemented on this one. Anyway, if you take it as a joke, this would be quite an odd thing to find one day at the office!

The Printer For The Logically Challenged

The title tag says this is the printer for blondes. But since I’ve been known to have a highlight or two, I’m going to say this is the printer for the dumb. The “I’m going to use whiteout on the monitor rather than hitting backspace” kind of dumb.

Be the Office Clown

Here are some ways to annoy the boss with your printer usage or to confuse your coworker at the very least. Leave them in the print tray or set one on a conference table. It will be one of those funny, annoying things that people will just have to laugh at. Personally, I like the “Do Not Discard”one. That’s pretty classic.

So, have you had a good laugh? I certainly hope so! If one thing is for certain, people tend to take their printers and printer ink cartridges a bit too seriously. Hopefully this article has shown you that doesn’t always have to be so; that there is room for a laugh or two in the world of printer ink!Â

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