How To and How Not to Use Your Facebook Account for Your Job Hunt?

How To and How Not to Use Your Facebook Account for Your Job Hunt?

More and more people have been using the versatility of Facebook for dozens of different things. Some have created a Facebook account specifically to promote a cause, while others use their Facebook accounts to offer things for sale. Many, though, have tried to use Facebook to look job hunt or even as an online resume. Since Facebook has, to date, 300 million users (and counting) worldwide, it makes sense that the chances of finding the perfect job through this social networking site is much larger than posting an ad in the classifieds section of a newspaper. But before you edit your profile and upload your resume in your Facebook account, remember that there are proper ways to look for a job using this social networking site. Let’s go through the most important dos and don’ts of using Facebook for your job hunt.


The Important Do’s

* Do keep your profile clean and simple. Employers will only take you seriously if you take yourself seriously. Check your Facebook account and your profile. Edit out profanities and details like “I like dancing on tables when I get drunk” or “I soooo rock!” Little hearts and emoticons are only for high school kids or those who use Facebook to socialize. Take out all the neon colors, the weird graphics and the nonsense.

* Do look of groups that are related to the career you want. A lot of professionals use this social networking site to create groups for their chosen fields. Look for groups that are related to your field. For instance, if you’re a writer, search for writing or literary groups. Join these groups once you find them; this will make it easier for prospective employees to see your Facebook account and profile.

* Do post about your accomplishments and talent. If you are an aspiring director, post the videos you made. If you’ve just finished an excellent computer program, write about it and share a link of it on your Facebook account. This is an excellent way to let other people see your talents and skills.

The Important Don’ts

* Don’t post wild photos in your Facebook account. It’s good to have photos of the wild parties you had with your friends last weekend but the rest of the world doesn’t have to know what you did! Don’t post photos of you getting drunk or other embarrassing moments. Those photos are better left private.

* Don’t put nasty comments on your friends’ posts. No matter how lame your friends’ posts are, try to bite your tongue and keep your fingers from typing out your brutally honest opinion. It’s advisable to always put your best foot forward when you’re on a job hunt. Make sure that what you post in this social networking site, including comments, mirrors the image you want job hunters to see.

* Don’t use celebrities or cartoon characters as your Facebook account profile picture. You wouldn’t put a photo of Paris Hilton or of Brad Pitt on your resume, now would you? The same goes for your Facebook account. Use your real photo and a decent one at that. Forego photos of you in funny hats or a revealing bikini. Upload a photo that you would use in your resume.

Facebook has evolved to become more than just a social networking site. It’s now being used as a virtual marketplace, a meeting place for different groups, a way to voice out protests and for others, an effective way to job hunt. But if you do plan to use Facebook to look for work, always keep the different dos and don’ts listed above in mind—you never know, Facebook might help you find your dream job.


This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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