How to Become a NASCAR Driver

How to Become a NASCAR Driver

So you can drive fast, you love the smell of burning rubber on asphalt and cement and you've got the guts and courage of a lion. But are all these traits everything you need to become a NASCAR driver? The answer is, surprisingly enough, a resounding no. To be able to make it in one of the most popular stock car races in the US, you need more than guts and talent. Auto racing isn't just about speed, and NASCAR isn't just about driving around as fast as a bullet train in a racecourse. If you want to be serious about pursuing a racing car, you need to know the basics about becoming a NASCAR driver. Consider the following career paths of the most famous NASCAR drivers the world has known.


How NASCAR Drivers Made It to the Top

Perseverance, diligence and training have helped these men excel in the field of auto racing. Let's see how they managed to make it to the top.

1. Dale Earnhardt. He passed away in 2001, but his legacy continues on to this day. He was the son of Ralph Earnhardt, one of the best short-track drivers in North Carolina. Although his father did not want him to pursue a career in auto racing, Dale dropped out of school to train. His father pushed him hard, and he continued on even after his father passed away. His aggressive tactics have helped him win, although a lot of other NASCAR drivers criticized him for his brash behavior in the track.

2. Bobby Allison. Robert Arthur "Bob" Allison was named one of the 50 best NASCAR drivers. He started his career when he was still in high school. Even a terrible crash in 1987 at the Talladega Speedway, didn't stop him from racing. He was back in the tracks in 1988.

3. Buddy Baker. Buddy was the son of legendary racer Buck Baker. He learned the basics of auto racing from his father. Throughout his career, he won 19 races and is one of eight drivers to win the prestigious Career Grand Slam. His perseverance helped him accomplish all these successes.

What It Takes to Become a NASCAR Driver

As mentioned earlier, it takes more than just speed and a good car to become a NASCAR driver. Read the tips below to help you push for a career in stock car races.

1. You need to be physically fit. It takes endurance and a high amount of energy to be able to race stock cars around a track. Muscle cramps, fatigue and stress are all part of the profession, so you have to prepare yourself to avoid all these. Exercise, diet and rest can all contribute to the proper physical and mental wellness needed to become a successful NASCAR driver.

2. Consider enrolling in a racing school. Driving in a racetrack is very different from driving in the streets. You need to be able to know how to shift gears and where the best turning points are in a racetrack. Look for the best racing school in your area and enroll yourself in a course. It's good to have professional training instead of learning by yourself. Most NASCAR drivers learned all about auto racing from their fathers, who were also professional drivers.

3. Practice in proper racetracks. A good NASCAR driver knows each racetrack by heart. He's imprinted the shape, the turns and the length of the racetrack in his memory. You can do the same by practicing in racetracks. By going through these tracks regularly, you will learn how to execute turns well and where to speed up and when to slow down. You can also practice by using go-karts. Some NASCAR drivers started as go-kart racers before stepping up into stock car races.

4. Get a NASCAR license and find a team. You can't race without this license. You can apply for a NASCAR license in their official headquarters or in any NASCAR-licensed track. Once you have your license, you have to look for an auto racing team. Be prepared to shell out more than $100,000 for a car, a team, your crew and other expenses.

Being a successful NASCAR driver is more than speed and agility. You need proper training, a good head on your shoulders and also a lot of money to get into this profession.


This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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