Ten Great Moments From Miami Ink Reality Show

Ten Great Moments From Miami Ink Reality Show


Different sorts of people perceive tattoos – and the people who wear them – in all sorts of ways. One reality TV show tries to demystify the idea behind getting a tattoo and exposing it for what it really is – a form of self-expression that holds tremendous meaning for the people who go through the process. This show is none other than Miami Ink.

Miami Ink is a reality TV show set in a tattoo shop in Miami Beach, Florida. The shop is co-owned by Ami James and Chris Nuñez. Every episode in Miami Ink deals with a client and his or her desired tattoo, the story behind the tattoo’s design, and how the featured tattoo artists improve on the original design.

If there is anything that can be learned from Miami Ink, it is that the idea of getting tattoos is popular among all strata of society. Also, the stories behind the tattoo make the tattoo more than just ink on skin, making them more significant and meaningful. It is a great reality TV show to watch for people who are interested in tattoos.

Here are ten of the greatest moments from Miami Ink.

1. Five Friends (1.01). Pro surfer Sonny Garcia got Ami to tattoo the Hawaiian Islands on his abdomen. The challenge tested Ami’s nerves.

2. Going for the Gold (1.07). A medaled Paralympics athlete visited the Miami Ink shop to get his tribal tattoo done. Yoji’s gal Bridgette also entered the fray.

3. Finding Balance (1.10). Ami overdid himself on his workouts and paid for it dearly with back pain. Also, the team had a difficult time deciding whether Yoji should go solo on a tattoo job.

4. The Ultimate Job Interview (2.30). The team pulled a prank on their shop manager applicant by having a friend of theirs pose as a bookie who came to the shop to confiscate Chris’ tattooing paraphernalia.

5. We’re All Family (2.31). Clients came to Miami Ink to have tattoos in memory of loved ones who passed on. The team struggled with some personal and family issues.

6. Kat the Party Machine (2.32). Kat wanted to party but the boys were not up to it, so she got feeling left out. The team also got to pick on Darren for his hair.

7. Garver’s Ultimatum (2.33). Garver’s tattooing days got threatened by a work-related injury, while the Jewish Ami throws a tantrum over a Catholic tattoo design.

8. Lloyd Banks and the Rotten Apple (2.37). Rap star Lloyd Banks celebrated the release of his new album with a tattoo. Ami’s friend’s mother also came into Miami Ink for a butterfly tattoo on her head.

9. Bye Bye Bridgette (2.39). Bridgette walked on out Yoji because she was feeling left out, but in the end, they decided to give things another go.

10. The Jeep (2.41). Miami Ink got a new company vehicle, and the crew celebrated by getting their new jeep painted with a stylized Japanese dragon by the airbrush master Mike Lavallee.

Miami Ink TV Show is a great reality TV show, a must watch for people interested in tattoos, especially those thinking of getting their first ones.

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