Reminiscing the Funniest Moments of Big Brother Series

Reminiscing the Funniest Moments of Big Brother Series

The Big Brother series all over the world is flooded with very funny moments. Sometimes it can be so hilarious you’re going to laugh yourself hard ’till there are tears coming from your eyes. The Housemates being themselves not knowing that their reactions, comments and actions are causing millions of television viewers to laught their hearts out.

Like when Zoran, Aleisha, Jamie and Billy made a prank on Michelle. Zoran and Michelle were on the cop car apparently on watch, when Aleisha dressed all in black, all the time hidden in out in the backyard suddenly jumps out and run hurriedly inside the house. Zoran, who’s one of the pranksters pretended not to see while Michelle started jumping spilling coffee all over and screaming that there’s a robber. That scene was really hilarious.

Those funny incidents put the show at its best away from the power and manipulation of the writers and producers of the show. The housemates are in control, seizing the moment.

Even the sexual tension that hangs among the housemates in the Big Brother house can be very hilarious at times. In one of the segments of the show when Billy and Zach was making fun with the obvious sexual tension that hangs between Zoran and Daniela while they were out in the gym weight lifting by pair. Daniela spurted out that Zoran made her all uncomfortable but then at the same time she was all hot and flushed…that was really funny.

It’s not only the funny things and moments that has been happening around the Big Brother house that making it hilarious and very interesting. The conflicts among the housemates are sights to see too! All emotions are stirred up among all the Housemates; the laughing, the fighting as well as the kissing, which can be very frustrating.

Remember when Ashleigh from a few series back, when she was put by the other housemates inside a wooden chest and have her delivered inside the diary room assuming all along that she was locked up. For 10 long minutes of talking and pleading Big Brother to help her out and open the chest. Big Brother knowing her predicament at that moment commanded her to stand up and guess what? She did….that was one long laughing moment for a lot of viewers.

Foot in mouth syndrome is almost everybody’s sickness inside the Big Brother house. There was a time when Seany asked Ziggy if he was ok ’cause he seems like he was really relieved; Ziggy adjusting his voice to deep male mode and combining it with a macho stare answered; No, I’m straight! Seany’s outburst was, I asked if you were ok! Cloth-eared Ziggy is a ladies man if you’re ever wondering ok?

Charley was also very funny, declaring that she can’t pretend to be intelligent which Billi answered her with, no, neither can them. Back to Charley again…Big Brother told the Housemates to replace the handset, she asked, "What does that mean?"

See what I mean? Sometimes the most irrelevant questions and answers are the funniest of them all.

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