Three Funny Big Brother Moments

Three Funny Big Brother Moments

Why is Big Brother, in all its forms and in all the places in the world where it is shown, so popular among television viewers? Why are the printed gossip rags and the blogosphere teeming with nearly every little tidbit on what is going on inside the Big Brother house, including its funny moments? What is Big Brother?

Big Brother is a reality television series that was born in The Netherlands. Getting its name from the George Orwell book 1984, the Big Brother reality TV show has total strangers coming together as housemates inside one house and getting cut off from outside contact for a certain period.

Aside from the daily interaction each housemate receives from the others, these housemates also get to perform challenges as assigned to them by the Big Brother. Periodically, housemates get evicted from the Big Brother house after getting voted out, though some housemates walk out of the house on their own decision. Some Big Brother housemates can get called back into the house after being evicted. The last person who stays inside the house gets awarded a cash prize and other goodies.

Perhaps the appeal of Big Brother is that other people get to see life in a proverbial fishbowl. The interactions among the housemates are supposed to be real and unscripted, and they can get really raw or funny. While Big Brother episodes are shown in summary on primetime TV, there are websites that offer video streams of what is going on inside the Big Brother house 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Big Brother episodes are more memorable when there are really funny or really emotional scenes. Here are three such funny moments that bloggers from all over considered their favorites in Big Brother.

1. Waamber’s crying. Amber from the US Big Brother Season 8 captured the annoyance of some viewers, the ire of some, but generally the amusement of most. Amber’s tears are like automatic fountains – in short, she is a crybaby, so much that the crying bouts she threw are hilarious. It is no wonder that Big Brother fans nicknamed her Waamber.

2. Former daughter-in-law meets former mother-in-law. UK’s Celebrity Big Brother 2005 had a funny turn when actress Brigitte Nielson was suddenly confronted with the idea of sharing the same house with her former mother-in-law, the astrologer Jackie Stallone. Big Brother fans in UK held the week that Jackie Stallone was in the house the funniest week of the season.

3. The Evil Dick. Dick was really out to win the grand prize in the US Big Brother’s Season 8. It seemed that his belief was if he cannot win the prize, then his daughter Danielle should. He went all out in antagonizing all his housemates, except Danielle, of course, even going so far as pouring iced tea on Jen’s head. The evilness Dick displayed was definitely vicious but it did elicit snickers in some.

Big Brother Season 9 is currently showing in the United States right now. What moments of hilarity will make their mark in fans’ memories this season? Let us just watch the fishbowl and wait.

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