Weird Office Gadgets You Can Give Out as Novelty Gifts

Weird Office Gadgets You Can Give Out as Novelty Gifts

Are you the type of person who likes to weird people out with strange office gadgets? Have you done your Christmas shopping yet or have you yet to haul your booty to the nearest mall to get your Christmas shopping done? If you answered yes to the first question and are not yet finished with the chore of shopping for the holidays, here are some weird office gadgets that you can give friends, relatives – and yes, even officemates – as novelty gifts.

1. Liquid Blood Lamp. Would you like to spice up your office desk with something creepy enough to keep those pesky officemates away from your cubicle? Or would you like something that your Goth friend will appreciate as a novelty gift? One of the options you have out there is this liquid blood lamp.

2. The Fitball Chair. You have probably seen your share of strange office gadgets, but this one, though not exactly an electronic gadget, is kind of lame. It is none other than the fit chair.

If you cannot spare the time to get your exercise routines done, or if you simply want to get fit while sitting eight hours straight in front of your computer, the fit ball chair may be something worth looking at.

3. Plug Mug. This weird office gadget is actually fun. When your co-workers keep stealing your coffee mug because they are too lazy to wash their own, you can give one-up them with this cool plug mug.

As you can see, the mug has a built-in plug that you can take home with you when you swipe your time card at the end of the day. Unless they have their own plug to replace your own plug with, your officemates will think twice about making a grab for your squeaky clean mug instead of washing their own. Treat yourself with this novelty gift. It makes revenge so sweet.

4. The Self-Perfuming Business Suit. The Japanese are known to be strange people who like strange things, among which are weird office gadgets, and the Koreans are probably frantically following their footsteps. A Korean company named Kolon came up with this ingenious idea of tailoring a business suit that is filled with micro-capsules filled with scent. Pop a micro-capsule and you would not have to bother with taking a shower before going to work.

5. The Butt Fan. Office chairs are usually built with an ergonomic design. But in Japan, somebody came up with a bright idea of fitting a fan on the seat of an office chair. Maybe to blow away that pungent scent of methane gas coming from someone’s posterior? If you have an officemate who likes to pass gas, or just likes fart jokes, this weird office gadget may be the perfect novelty gift.

6. The Head Massager. Last, but certainly not the least, is the head massager. This weird office gadget would be the perfect gift for your boss, who is prone to having migraines from the silly antics you and your gang at the office always had to pull. Or, you could buy this as a novelty gift for yourself as a way of coping with life in the zoo that is the office.

This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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