Getting Rid of Your Old Dell printer

Getting Rid of Your Old Dell printer

When your printer comes off age and turns the corner into the phased-out stage, you might feel that there is no residual value left and there is nothing else you can do to make an old Dell printer useful. If it comes to that point, you certainly do not want your old and laggy Dell printer see the trash bin especially with all the toxic waste that violate your strenuous environmental code. Here are ten ways that you can do to get rid of you old Dell printer:

Call your government agency – There are city waste management programs that deal with collecting computer hardware and old printer. Ask your city or state what agency is responsible for these programs. Usually, a dump truck comes once a year to specifically collect old computer hardware. Some cities have strict codes when it comes to hardware waste. If you are aware how they deal with this issue, you can work your way into disposing your old Dell printer properly.

Call Dell Support – In an effort to do their part to save the environment Dell has a recycling problem available not only for old Dell printers, but also for the peripherals and other old computer equipment. This is perhaps the most convenient option for you since they have the infrastructure for the recycling program already. They also have recycling events to educate you about the perils of improper Dell printer disposal.

Resell Dell printers – This is the best way to recover some value from your old Dell printer. You can coordinate with Dell to see if they can buy back your used printer, or you can consult with a surplus shop. These shops refurbish old printers for resale.

Give it to your friend – Why not? In an age where everyone wants something new, an old but functional printer can still be used by other people. Students appreciate having a printer on the budget. This way, you are able to save your printer from disposal and help out a friend.

Include it in your annual garage sale – If you have no use for your printer, then let your neighbors bid on it. You might be surprised with the value that you can get from your old Dell printer.

Donate your Dell printer to organizations – Treat this as charity or as a way to help out your favorite organization. Not-for-profit organization with great causes can really use a durable Dell printer.

Contact Environmental Groups – A search on the net will lead you to environmental groups that have programs to help you recycle your printer. They even buy your printer so that they can recycle it.

Recycle Ink Cartridges – Printer Ink cartridges are the most useful components of printers – and they are the easiest to recycle too. Manufacturer of compatible printer ink cartridges can buy your Dell printer cartridges. You can even collect them from your friends and sell them for profit.

Trade it in – You can return your old Dell printer as credit that you can use toward the merchandise. They usually buy it on a discounted value. This is a useful idea if you want to upgrade your computer parts.

Keep it – For very useful things like Dell printers, the best way to get rid of it is to keep it. If you have a shelf space, it is cool to have an ‘antique’ feature in your room. Plus you really do not know when it will be of great use to you.

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