Print Postcards, Labels Using your Inkjet Printer instead of Buying Them

Print Postcards, Labels Using your Inkjet Printer instead of Buying Them

If you buy postcards or labels on a regular basis for business or personal purposes, you might be spending a good bit of money in the process. If you have a printer, you can save this money by actually printing postcards and labels using your inkjet printer.

STEP 1: Setting up postcard file

There is a standard acceptable size for a postcard as designated by postal services. You need to setup two files in the designated size, one for the front and back.

STEP 2: Adding a picture

Postcard images are available free of charge at various sites. You choose one and and add it to the postcard/s.

STEP 3: The Lining

At the back of the postcard you need to place vertical lines that will help differentiate the address section from the note section. Also, horizontal lines can be added for recipient address.

STEP 4: Printing Paper

Print the postcard on 81/2 x 14 cardboard stock papers.

STEP 5: Label Printing

In the printer dialog box, choose the ‘Labels’ option. You can preview the labels and can position on the printing sheet accordingly.

STEP 6: Printing Process

The position for the first label that is to be printed on the paper should be designated by you. Moreover, also choose the number of labels you want to print. You are also given various tabs marked ‘Cut Lines, and ‘Dotted marks’ if you want to demarcate label outlines etc.

STEP 7: Specifications

You must always print as a Raster Image.

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This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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