Popular Kodak EasyShare Printers and Cartridges

Popular Kodak EasyShare Printers and Cartridges

Kodak cameras have dominated the film market since camera film products became popular. Now that film pictures have gone past the times, Kodak and their EasyShare camera and printers are taking the lead in digital camera and printing technology. With their products such as Kodak EasyShare printers 5100/5300/5500 models and their all in one printer, mobile digital capturing and mobile digital printing have never been so easier.

Kodak is known in the consumer electronics business as a versatile company for start-up and budget gadgets. The Kodak EasyShare cameras offer high quality photos for the price. The bang for the buck approach allowed their Kodak EasyShare cameras to gain a hefty market share. At the same time, Kodak has always been the leader of film photo printing and they are bringing their energies to digital photo printing with Kodak EasyShare printers such as the 5100, 5300 model, and 5500 model. Kodak EasyShare also has the most streamlined integrated All-in-one printers available to be able to produce office documents and high quality print photos in one box.

One of the more popular models of the Kodak EasyShare series is the 5100 all-in-one-printer model. The 5100 model has printing, copying, and scanning capabilities on top of the most long-lasting photo finishes that can last a lifetime. The essentials of the 5100 model include the photo color ink cartridges and the black ink cartridge. The 5100 model has a two-cartridge and six-ink system, which are perfect vehicles for remanufactured ink cartridges for Kodak such as 1215581, No. 10 Black and No. 10 Color Kodak EasyShare. The Kodak EasyShare 5100 can print up to 32 ppm and can bring out lab quality color photo pictures in less than 30 seconds. The Kodak 5100 is also Bluetooth and Wireless enabled.

The Kodak EasyShare 5300 printer are of the same breed as the 5100 class. Taken from its state of the art inkjet system, this Kodak EasyShare printer combines the power and speed of office black-printing and leisure photo color finishes. The Kodak EasyShare 5300 has a 3.0 inch resolution color for easy photo cropping. With high quality ink and replacement ink cartridge coming from ink models such as the No 10. Color Kodak EasyShare ink, Kodak EasyShare produces documents at a much lower cost per page than other leading brands. The 5200 printer model can print borderless and vivid photos, and crisp, sharp photo documents. The Kodak EasyShare series is packed with software that allows digital manipulation of images before going into print. The Kodak EasyShare software is adapted from their lab photo printer technology that gives us the power to print photos using a sleek graphical interface.

The Kodak EasyShare technology is indeed a step ahead of the digital camera and printing platforms. The combination of great camera integrated with efficiency and effective printer technology gives its printers the edge in mobile photography and smart office management. To cut printing costs, one can avail of remanufactured printer ink cartridges to take advantage of the lower print per cost ratio for Kodak EasyShare products.

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