The Origins of the Expressions "Kodak Moments" and "Kodak Spots"

The Origins of the Expressions "Kodak Moments" and "Kodak Spots"

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Ever had an instance where you had caught yourself referring to a particular time in your life as a Kodak moment? Or have you found yourself pointing to your friends and calling it a Kodak spot? If your answer is yes, you are not the only one. The expressions "Kodak moments" and "Kodak spots" have been so widely used that it has become a part of every person’s English vocabulary. But, have you ever stopped and wondered where did these terms come from?

The Kodak Company

Kodak is perhaps the most popular company that produces imaging and photography supplies, equipment and accessories. The company was established by George Eastman back in 1888. The name Kodak came from the roll of films that were produced by the Eastman Dry Plate Company. Since then, the company had evolved from merely producing films for still cameras to films for motion pictures, medical use, cameras (both using films and digital), photo papers and other photo printing materials. Kodak is driven by a commitment to provide high quality equipment and materials in order to produce high quality images that can last a lifetime.

It is a Kodak Moment!

As the years went by, Kodak began to face a lot of stiff competition from other companies. In order to maintain its status as the leading imaging and photography company, it launched a series of commercials as part of its advertising campaign. The tag line that was used for this advertising campaign was "These are the moments. Kodak moments." The advertising campaign was simple yet eye-catching. The commercial featured scenes that happen every day which are then preserved through the use of the films and cameras from Kodak. Some of the scenes that were included as part of the advertising campaign were a baby taking his first step or a child caught off guard as a frog jumps away. The advertising campaign worked. Kodak was able to strengthen its hold on its position in the market. But the advertisement did something that the company never expected. That is, that the tag line Kodak moment would become extremely popular to the point that it has become a common expression. Today, when a person calls something a Kodak moment, it means that the situation or event is so priceless that it is worth being preserved forever in a picture.

What about Kodak Spots

In the case of the expression Kodak spots, this was a connotation that was created by Kodak in collaboration with Disney. All over the different theme parks in Disney you would be able to find Kodak-sponsored signs with the words "Kodak Picture Spots." These are specific areas around the different areas around Disney theme parks that have been considered as favorites of tourists. The selection of these spots was also made with the help of professional photographers. These Kodak spots were selected as perfect places to help you tell more about your visit through your pictures. Just like the case of the Kodak moments advertising campaign, the Kodak spots around Disney stuck. When someone now points to a particular location and calling it a Kodak spot, it means that the site is not only a picturesque. Kodak spots are those places that could provide you a story to the picture that you take.

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