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Bluedogink – More than Just an Ink Supply Store remains steadfast in bringing the best service for all your ink cartridge needs. With our lowest price guarantees, customer benefits, cools perks and numerous highly satisfied clients that can attest to our service, we encourage you to go through different online stores as we feel confident enough to mention our competitors.

There are many online shops that do not concentrate on marketing one main product. They try to diversify as much as possible to keep up with the competition. One such company is known as the Bluedogink.

At first, when you see or hear the word Bluedogink, you cannot help but wonder if it is just all about printer inks. Well, the truth is that it offers other products as well. As proof to that, it offers printer supplies and storage media to consumers.

More on shopping for products via Bluedogink

There are many ways by which you can do that. You can use the featured categories found on the center of its homepage. These categories include a list for printer types, printer supplies, storage media and printer brands. Under each category, you will find other words you can click on. For instance, for the printer types, your options include laser printers, inkjet printers, fax machines, photo printers, label printers, MAC printers and so on. As for printer supplies, subcategories include ink cartridges, toner cartridges, maintenance kit, printer ribbon, printheads and photo paper among others.

If you want to use other shopping options via this shop, you may also do so. In this regard, you can use the list found on the leftmost side of the homepage. You can then "Shop for Printer Ink", "Shop for Laser Toner", "Shop for Printers", "Shop for Projectors", "Shop for Scanners", "Printer Supplies", and "Storage Media. Just like in the first shopping method, you will find subcategories under each of these sections.

Reasons to buy items from Bluedogink

Aside from the fact that you are given a wide array of product options by Bluedogink, you also have other reasons behind why you should make a purchase from them. First is the fact that you do not have to stay onsite all the time just to be able to browse through their products. You can simply click through the "Request a Catalog" button. Then, it will also be easy finding supplies you need through the "Easy Ink and Toner Finder" section. On top of all that, all your product purchases are secured with the Trustwave and VeriSign seals.

Other great finds in the world of Bluedogink

Bluedogink is more than just a site that offers a wide array of techie and printer products to its consumers. In fact, you can even gain more knowledge in this business through the help of its article and news sections. And if you need a list of new products offered by the company, you can find that on its site as well.

You also get special services for educational sales, government sales, business sales and bulk sales. Additional services like the Easy Quote and Purchase Orders are also found on site. The company will also provide you with information on how to place your orders. There is also a special section that tackles about tools and resources you may use for your purchase. By subscribing to its Newsletter, you will not only get updates but money-saving coupons as well.

Shipping rates for orders via Bluedogink

Bluedogink charges a standard shipping fee of $5.95 for purchases below $100. If you purchase items more than that, the shipping rate is 6% of the total amount of goods you purchase from them. Upon purchase of printer supplies and other products more than $500 from the company, delivery charge is free.

Bluedogink is with no doubt, one of the best sources of printer supply products and other technological gadgets. What you will totally love when browsing through the online site is how it is organized. You can begin reading through the top of the page before you proceed to the other parts without much hassle.

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