Impress Your Girlfriend with Your Bluetooth Printing Savvy

Impress Your Girlfriend with Your Bluetooth Printing Savvy

Bluetooth printing and everything else about Bluetooth technology were once something that only tech nerds and geeks could appreciate. But this appreciation has finally crossed the limits of geekdom, and so it is now possible for the layman to love the beauty that is Bluetooth printing.

Of course it would need some convincing for the layman to embrace the wonders of owning a Bluetooth printer. If that layman happens to be your girlfriend, how can you impress her with your knowledge of Bluetooth printing? Here are four ideas.

1. Show her how remote Bluetooth printing works. Many laymen hold to the old adage that seeing is believing. If you want your girlfriend to love the wonders of Bluetooth printing as much as you do, then show her how it works.

One way you can do this is to make her work on some document on her laptop while in bed while you set up the printer downstairs. Let her see that all she has to do in order to print that document is to click "Print" and that she does not have to go downstairs to do her printing job.

2. Surprise her with candid photos. Are you fond of watching your girlfriend without her knowing simply because you think she is a wonderful and amazing person? Capture the moments that show how beautiful she is in your eyes by taking snapshots of her with your camera phone.

It does not end there, of course. The next step would be to print out these photos you have taken of her with your Bluetooth printer. You can collate them in an album and then surprise her with it. If she asks you, tell her how you came up with your surprise and even show her how you did it.

3. Collect love messages. The two of you must have told each other how much you love each other over emails and text messages throughout the time you have been together. You know what could be a sweet thing to do with those messages that you have exchanged? Collect them and compile them in a scrapbook.

You can do this by saving all the sweet and fluffy text messages and emails you have on your mobile phone or laptop. Print them out with your Bluetooth printer and lay them out in a tasteful way on a scrapbook. Once you are done, show her one evening when she is feeling romantic and cuddly. Not only will this make her blush and nostalgic at the same time, but it will also help you demonstrate to her how awesome Bluetooth printing is.

4. Print out your completed to-do lists. Women love it when you remember the chores that they ask you to do. Show her that you did just that by printing out your to-do list after you have completed your tasks.

Most smartphones these days have a to-do list feature installed in them. When your girlfriend sends you out on a number of errands, put them on your to-do list and mark them as completed as you go along. After you have done them all, hook your smartphone to your Bluetooth printer and print out a copy of your completed to-do list to show your girlfriend.

There are many ways by which you can impress your girlfriend with your knowledge of Bluetooth printing technology. Go ahead and wow her with it.

This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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