The Most Appropriate Photo Paper for a Specific Photo Application

The Most Appropriate Photo Paper for a Specific Photo Application

In the past, photo papers only mean papers which have been coated with chemicals which are sensitive to light. But with the advancement of technology and digital processes of developing photographs have emerged, various types of photo paper have emerged also. Recently, papers for photographs are usually coated with special chemicals. The main reason for this would be to make the papers compatible with laser and inkjet printers. When images are printed from these types of printers, the photos are referred to as digital prints.

There are three traditional types of papers. The first type is utilized for negative to positive processes such as gelatin and silver process. This type of paper is appropriate for analogue photography. On the other hand, the positive to positive printing process utilizes papers wherein the films are similar to the final photo. This type of process is referred to as Polaroid. The last traditional type of paper is one which is utilized for positive to positive process. This is the process wherein the printing is done from film to paper. Through this process, the positive picture is made large and copied to a photo paper. This printing process is known as Cibachrome.

But when it comes to high printing resolutions, the traditional types of photo papers are obsolete. Photo papers which are used for this type of printing are designed with a glossy top and matte back. Digital prints have similar quality with images which are printed in dark rooms. Aside from the glossy top and matte back, recent photo papers are specially coated with resin. This coat allows absorption of ink and retaining of high color resolutions. When you are using a laser or inkjet printer, opt for the recent types of photo papers.

Printer Photo papers are available in various kinds and sizes which are appropriate for specific printing needs. The first kind of photo paper is the matte paper. This kind allows you to print photographs which look like the traditional ones but without the shine. When you opt for matte photograph papers, the colors won’t smudge. What is more, fingerprint marks won’t appear and there is lesser glare. Another type of photo paper is the soft gloss paper. This type allows you to come up with prints which have little levels of gloss. The colors that are produced by this paper are of high quality. Furthermore, the skin tones seem realistic.

The third type is one which has standard gloss. When you want high-quality images, this should be your photograph paper choice. This offers enough gloss for your picture to make it stand out from the rest. Standard gloss photograph papers are sometimes referred to as glossy papers. The fourth type of photograph paper is one which has high gloss. Compared to the other types of photo papers available in the market, this one has the highest quality. When you want to frame or display your pictures, this type is perfect for the purpose.

Since there are various photo paper brands, you should know which one to use. When taking a pick from photo papers, opt for a brand which does not have acid composition. This will allow you to keep the picture colors from fading or turning yellow. On the other hand, choose photo papers which are not too thick. This way, the papers won’t jam in the printer. The most recommended brand of paper is one which is compatible with your printer.

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