5 Smart Science Fair Projects Using Your Printer for Your 2nd or 3rd Grader

Second grade science will often involve topics such as: living and nonliving things; animals, its life cycle and habitats; natural resources; cycles of the night sky; seasonal, water and weather cycles; matter; energy and simple machines. Third grade science, on the other hand, may include other topics for the 2nd grader and also the following: light and color; energy and its sources; force and work; earth satellites; and moon and stars. These are interesting subject matters that your child can create for Science Fair. Which one are smart ideas you can do using your printers?

1. Create a Volcano Model. Pupils from 2nd and 3rd grade will appreciate volcanic eruptions when they see a volcano model. Others would use newspapers to form a volcano but you can also make use of your printer in doing this project. You can use art paper to print volcano parts and then put the pieces together. Voila! You will have a volcano model that will be more enticing to your kid’s eyes.

2. Make a Sundial. Sundials are used to detect what time of the day it is. When these pieces of scientific art have shadows casted on them, it will be easier to tell time as well as directions (whether north, east west or south). Typically, you need wood or cardboard for this project. Then, you can also print the numbers and the directions using your printer. Create different colors for each number or direction if you wish.

3. Germination. This is that process wherein seeds turn out to be plants. In order to appreciate the cycle even more, why not print each part of the cycle before placing them on a cardboard or any hard material. Your child can present this later on in class.

4. The Solar System. You must have seen the solar system in books for so many times now. If you want to submit it for a science fair project, why not create your own using your printer? Print the different planets in many color hues as you can then cut out the pieces. From here, you can place them over a black cardboard. You can even label each planet to teach the other viewers. Your labels can be made through your printer as well.

5. Insect Collection Display. Do you want to submit different insect species for a science fair project? You can simply collect live insects then place them over hardwood. Make sure you label the insects accordingly. Using your printer and a one whole sheet of long bond paper, you can print the insect’s name, cut them out, and glue them under the insect where the corresponding name matches. Then finish up the borders with some cut-out designs and cover with celluloid.

    These are just some smart ideas that will make 2nd and 3rd grade science fair projects more fun than you and your kids have ever thought of. Make sure you do not spend much on paper and ink while doing these projects.

    This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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