All You Need to Know About Electronic Cash Registers – Their History, Rise and Fall

History of Electronic Cash Registers


James Ritty, a saloonkeeper from Dayton, Ohio along with John Birch invented the cash register. Mr. Ritty and his associate received the patent for it on January 30, 1883.


He termed it as the “Incorruptible Cashier” or the first working, mechanical cash register. The machine was made up of metal taps with denominations pressed into them to designate the amount of the sale. A sale was notified by the sound of a bell. The total cash values of all the transactions carried out were summed with the help of an adder. The bell sound made it famous in the world of advertising as “The Bell Heard Round the World”.


The cash register   was sold by James Ritty to National Manufacturing Company. It became quite popular. Considering its soaring popularity and reading few descriptions about its functions, John H Patterson purchased several machines for use in his retail store. Afterwards, Mr. Patterson bought both the company and the cash register patent for $6500.



John H Patterson changed the name of the company from National Manufacturing Company to National Cash Register Company in 1884. His pure aggression and extraordinary attitude made him an outstanding businessman.



Rise of Electronic Cash Registers


Around eighty four companies came to this business between 1888 and 1895. However, only three were able to sustain. John H Patterson aspired to manufacture superior, better thief proof registers. This attitude made his company the most successful in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.


Mr. Patterson put in a lot of efforts to develop an advanced version of Ritty’s cash register. He added spare rolls to accommodate the day’s transactions in each price range. This system was incorporated by casting a hole puncher into each cash register.  The completion of a transaction was notified by ringing of the bell on the cash register. The expenditure was stored on a large dial on the front of the machine.  A paper tape punched with holes denoted each sale. This helped the merchant to keep track of sales by counting the holes and so his daily cash every day.


The first powered cash register with an electric motor came into the scenario in 1906. In the period from 1888 to 1915 the cash register was covered in beautiful cast-metal cases.  Soon it found its place into nearly every retail organization. This era is symbolized by the cast brass-encased cash registers.


The cash registers were made of various other materials like cast-iron, wood, and even metal stampings. They were also available in brass, nickel-plate, and antiqued copper, paint, silver and gold finishes. However, brass continued its supremacy. The National Cash Register Company line expanded to cover 95% of the total market.



Future of Electronic Cash Registers


There is lot of developments going in cash registers since 1900’s. The Point of Sale Systems or computerized cash registers have brought a revolution in the world of cash registers.  They make use of touchscreen point of sale terminals, permit for scanning of items for easy checkouts, let customers to process credit cards and gift cards easily and permit business owners to keep inventory of their items.


Nowadays, several reputed companies produce and sell cash registers like Samsung, Sharp Electronics, Casio, Royal, TEC, and Sanyo. Thanks to technology, there is a lot in store for the Cash Register and Point of Sale industries in the near future.


This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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