Amazon’s Kindle Is Taking the World by Storm in 7 Ways

Amazon’s Kindle Is Taking the World by Storm in 7 Ways

Kindle caught the people by surprise, but it was a very pleasant entry. In fact, it was welcomed with open arms that, until today, Amazon still has to advise their customers to wait. There are no more left for anyone to enjoy.

What makes Kindle tick? Here are 7 reasons:

1. It gives you wireless connection. If you’re fond of Wikipedia, blogs, and other online reading materials, then Kindle is the one you’re looking for. This feature, though still in its experimental stage, also provides Kindle an edge over its mighty competitor, Sony Reader. You can also skip looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot as you can still browse without any WiFi connection. You can also piggyback on the present networks for cell phone, and you don’t even have to pay a single cent.

2. You can save your books. Do you have plans of reading your favorite novel in your PC rather than in Kindle? That’s actually no problem, as you’re provided with two ways to do that. First, you can make use of an SD card which you can remove from Kindle. You can also transfer the files from your device to your PC with the use of a USB cable.

3. It prevents eye strain. One of the greatest disadvantages of reading books in your PC is the fact that you have to actually squint your eyes to protect your vital part of the body from the glare. Too much of it can definitely cause eye strain. With Kindle, however, utilizes the e-ink technology, which means words appear as if they’re written with ink. You can actually read your favorite news articles or blogs even if you’re under direct sunlight. Moreover, everything appears sharp and very clear.

4. It physical attributes is A+. It may not be the most beautiful device in the world, but still, it’s still so lightweight, weighing only 10.3 ounces. This makes them very comfortable to carry around. What’s more, you can also maximize the sizes of fonts. This is very much helpful for people who are accustomed with reading materials with specific font size.

5. Your choices are varied. In line with its signature books, Amazon’s Kindle has far better books that you will surely enjoy reading in your spare time than its counterpart, Sony Reader. They’re also fairly priced, considering that there’s actually no hassle of sitting in front of your PC and logging into your Amazon account just so you can place an order. Moreover, Kindle can also archive all of your previous purchases just in case you want to re-download an ordered book.

6. It’s compatible with MAC. There aren’t a lot of products that can instantly claim that they can work well with MAC, but Amazon’s Kindle did, and it definitely delivers. Thus, people who are so fond of such types of PCs can also take delight in not only books, but blogs, newspapers, and magazines as well.

7. Kindle is everything-made-easy. First of all, it contains a Home button, which is very important. As you know, you can get drowned of the immense collection of reading materials. You can also create some notes and edit them, which makes Kindle such a perfect partner for college students.

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