Best 10 Cities to Own an Electric Car in 2011

According to GE, the best US cities where one can own an electric car are those where almost everyone drives when going to work. Add to this, GE also considers the driving radius knowing that most people are concerned with the range by which they can actually drive their cars before they run out of battery. This was reported by Streeter for Tree Hugger on November 12, 2010. Which do you think then can be included in this list?

# 1 – Detroit

Detroit in Michigan ranks first in terms of the criterion set by GE. As per their report, there are already 92.58% commuters in the area. Detroit also has a 50-mile access to other cities like the Ann Arbor, Rochester Hills and Monroe.

# 2 – Dallas

This same report showed that there are already 91.5% of workers who are driving themselves to work. The suburbs in Dallas, Texas are within 50 miles and include the likes of Frisco, Denton and McKinney.

# 3 – St. Louis

This city in Missouri ranks third when it comes to the best cities where you can own an electric car. This is because there are 91.20% of commuters to work. Some of the suburban areas that can be accessed using an electric car are Lake St. Louis, Festus and Cedar Hill.

# 4 – Houston

Next to Dallas, according to GE, is Houston. This is a great place to drive electric cars simply because there is around 90.84% of the population driving themselves to work. Add to that, Houston is also proximal to other key cities in Texas namely Texas City, Baytown and the Woodlands.

# 5 – Atlanta

This city in Georgia is blessed to have at least 87.76% commuters to work. Using an electric car in Atlanta will give you access to other suburban areas within the 50-mile radius namely Lawrenceville, Newman and Canton.

Other best 5 cities to own an electric car

Aside from GE’s criteria for rating the best US cities where you can own an electric car, you can also use Roland Berger’s ‘plug-in readiness’ criterion. In this study, Berger consultants reiterated that plug-in readiness means that the city has been planning about the use of electric cars for years now. This also signifies the fact that respective local governments are aware of the concerns that may come-in during the use of these new generation cars.

Local regulations, consumer readiness, operating environment and available infrastructure are among the factors considered by Berger in his study for the best US cities to use an electric car. Putting all these factors together, it had placed the following in its top 5 list: (1) San Jose, California; (2) Los Angeles, California; (3) San Francisco, California; (4) Sacramento, California; and (5) Portland, Oregon. Berger also identified other cities that may become potential leaders in the use of electric cars and these are: Austin, Texas; Denver, Colorado; New York City, New York; Orlando, Florida; and Phoenix, Arizona.

While this article presents the best cities where one can own an electric car, we cannot deny the fact that every city in the country should prepare for these new generation cars that will soon be part of their lives in the years to come. As Antonio Benecchi and Matt Matilla, authors of the Berger Study said, every city must start preparing for the launch of electric cars.

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