How to print designs on Stained Glass, Dos and Don’ts

Stained glass paintings have been around for more than 1000 years. They have graced the windows of some of the grandest homes, churches and significant buildings across the world. The term stained glass means “painting work done on a glass”.  Stained glass is an ancient and artistic way of managing light. It is a stunning way of beautifying the interiors with color and design borne of light.

Stained glass paintings are used to design windows and lampshades, boxes, clocks, cabinet doors, picture frames and other 3-dimensional projects.

Creating stained glass is an enticing and pioneering art that requires time and vision. You can form a plethora of artistic stained glass crafts. Before you start a pattern it is good to be aware of some Dos and Don’ts


1. Do check if you have graphic program like MS Paint in you computer. You must also have the needed materials like blank paper, pencils, fine point markers, scanner, light box, photocopier, and tracing paper.

2. Do set the printed copy on a light box. Incase you don’t have a light box, tape it to a window that has a lot of light coming through it. Put another blank piece of paper over it and begin tracing the outlines with a pencil.

3. Do stand up to cut the glass. Start with a simple design in mind.

4. Do maintain steady pressure while cutting the glass.

5. Do the hardest cut at first.

6. Do keep your children and pets at bay while at work with your attained glass design. Remember prevention is better than cure.

7. Do wear proper outfits and safety gear. Keep in mind glass will be flying in all places.

8. Do rehearse cutting and breaking on clear scrap glass first prior to trying it out.

9. Do wipe your glass thoroughly with dry cotton follow by glass cleaner or thinner or with water before starting your work.

10. Do work patiently and avoid rushing. Each stage of the stained glass procedure is significant.

11. Do enjoy the experience of designing and painting stained glass yourself. It is an amazing feeling

12. Try this on the basis of a hobby at first and then turn it into a business.

13. Be organized since you are working with glass.

14. Do visit online groups or forums to get tips on stain glass painting.

15. Do allow your creativity to flow.


1. Don’t keep confusions in your mind.

2. Don’t cross roads or lines that go directly across from one side to another in your design.

3. Don’t try to constantly adjust the position of the glass while working. Fix your pattern with glass tapes, or mark the four corners of the glass on the design pattern with pencil.

4. Don’t shake the paint bottle prior to painting in order to avoid the bubbles. Always take little quantity.

5. Don’t work with a brush. Always use the nozzle to keep away from the patches from appearing in your work.

6. Don’t re-apply the paint, till the previous one is completely dried. Otherwise it will smudge.

I hope that you must have got fair idea about what to do or what not do while printing designs on stained glass.—These-Stained-Glass-Tips-Will-Help-You-Through-the-Learning-Curve&id=578716

This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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