Tips For Parents on Helping Cildren Learn Through E-books

Nowadays, the Internet provides tons of educational tools for parents to help their children learn at home. Among the best online educational tools that you can effectively utilize are the electronic books or e-books. Electronic books allow you and your kids to create a personalized learning environment. Their amazing and high-tech features enable your children to experience more fun in learning. The following tips below will help you to effectively use e-books in encouraging your children to read in these days and age of digital communications.

1. Aim for a mix of electronic and paper books – As writer David Rothman points out, you don’t need to choose between using paper books and e-books. It is good to acknowledge that there are kids who innately respond to paper books than e-books and vice versa. Allowing your children to enjoy their school textbooks and giving them the leeway to explore their special interests through e-books is one way to let them appreciate different reading mediums. E-books can feature moving graphics and a variety of special illustrations that children can access in a tap of a finger (e.g. iPad and laptop) or in a click of a mouse (i.e. computer desktop).

2. Choose e-books from digital offerings rather than scanned ones – When choosing for the most efficient e-books to aid your child’s learning ability, choose for the e-books that come from original digital offerings, such as the International Children Digital Library. Aside from quality content, they feature appropriate and workable read-aloud features and animation, which may not be usually available in scanned e-books.  As you teach your kids, you can repeat the sound after the device and allow your kids to hold or tap the e-book. Slowly, you will be able to help your kids adapt and learn how to use e-books on their own.

3. Pick a compatible and user-friendly application –There are some e-books that are made specifically for certain devices like iPad and thus will not be accessible in other devices. However you can download for an alternative application that will allow you to view the same features in other devices (i.e.  Aldiko for Android). Aside from picking a compatible application, it’s important to choose a user-friendly e-book reader application that’s easy to understand, utilize, and learn. As you teach you kids, you can guide them on how to operate the applications by starting with the basics, such as closing and opening the e-book, scrolling up and down, opening sounds, and viewing videos, and images.

4. Be an electronic media expert yourself – Before teaching your kids about the basics of using e-books and helping them learn and discover new things through it, access tech support and lab assistance, and learn yourself.  Learn all important aspects of using e-books to avoid miscommunication and technical difficulties by the time you start teaching your kids.

    This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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