Paper 101: Rolls, Receipts and other Specialty Papers

Paper 101: Rolls, Receipts and other Specialty Papers

In schools, in our offices and even at home, we almost always have the need to use papers. There are so many kinds of paper – they come in various colors, thickness, styles, shapes and designs. With the many papers available for us to choose from, are we really familiar which type of paper is best to select to meet our needs at a given time?


Let us take a look into some types of specialty papers, rolls and receipts and hopefully we may be able to identify them once we get to encounter them while at home, while working, while studying or even outside of these three venues.

Specialty Paper Types

• Inkjet Paper

Specifically for full color inkjet applications on your printers, inkjet papers should be used. They are particularly good to use to ensure full colors, good text definition and maximum color brightness. They also boost the smoothness of the sheet, affecting image quality.

• Thermal Paper

When exposed to heat, a thermal paper changes color due to chemicals (mixture of dye and acids) which are permeated on the surface of the paper. Thermal papers are used in cash registers, thermal printers, POS or point-of-sale printers, adding machines, credit card terminals, and automated teller machines or ATMs.

*Some Examples of Thermal Paper are:

– ATM Receipt Paper Rolls

Kiosk Receipts

In addition, aside from paper, these credit card terminals, ATMs and other machines make use of supplies such as printer ribbons, imprinters, technical cleaning supplies, counterfeit bill detectors, among others.

• Business Card Paper

This is a slightly thicker specialty paper/card which shows the business details about an individual or a company. I’m sure you’ve been given one at least once by a client or a new business fellow. Nowadays, aside from the usual papers or cards, special materials such as plastics, metals and even rubbers are being used to produce special business cards.

• Perforated Paper

This specialty paper somehow imitates an embroidery canvass – that which is used in cross-stitching. It is a lightweight card with evenly spaced holes. Different shades of perforated paper are available in the market today.

• Hole-Punched Paper

Think of a simple white copy paper with holes punched on the sides, on top or at the bottom of the paper. It can be used for sketching or as leaves of a notebook.

• Carbonless Paper

It is also called Non-Carbon Copy Paper or NCR (No Carbon Required) Paper. This is a substitute to the carbon paper, which is used to produce a copy of the original, handwritten record without having to use any electronics.

• Synthetic Paper

For technicality, synthetic papers is described as “a product manufactured using synthetic resin derived from petroleum as its primary material, which while maintaining the characteristics of the material, offers several qualities similar to that of paper made primarily from wood pulp, most typically its white and opaque appearance as well as its printing and processing capabilities.” It is said that recently the demand for this kind of specialty paper has been increasing due to its tear resistance feature and recyclability, compared to the traditional papers available.


This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry Articles.

This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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