POS Paper Rolls, ATM Receipts, White Bond Paper Rolls (The World of Specialty Paper for Everyday Business Transactions)

POS Paper Rolls, ATM Receipts, White Bond Paper Rolls (The World of Specialty Paper for Everyday Business Transactions)

Over the past years, the paper industry has made several improvements on paper rolls. Today, they're a trend among high-street businesses. Banks, hospitals, stores and other firms use paper rolls for their daily transaction for divers good reasons.


As the paper industry evolves, not only do paper rolls come in different sizes and colors, today, the advancement encompasses production for different purposes. White bond paper rolls, for example, are sometimes used in stores and doctors' offices; thermal report rolls are famous among banks, as in for ATM receipts.

Many opt for paper rolls for their clarity of print. Thermal paper rolls hold print clearer and are resistant to ink stain than a regular cover stock. They use a special text-joining technology, which makes sure texts adhere well to the roll. They're also a pick because of their ability to stand against varying levels of temperature unlike an ordinary paper where color (of print) changes when exposed to heat. Plus they're impervious to liquid (water and oil) and adhesives. Thermal paper rolls are especially developed to stand off from wearying (highly long lasting) for safe log and recovering.

Thermal paper rolls are also recognized for their speed in printing. Commonly used for ATM receipts and purchase receipts, their smooth protective layer prevents them from swerving in the printer thus they have lesser proclivity for sheet slippage and deflection.

Since then, security has been a major consideration in any operation. Today, paper rolls come in security features to safeguard all business transactions and buyers. Watermarks (which guarantee the validity of the receipt), UV security (hidden images for security become visible when viewed under a black light), deletion protection (to prevent tampering of details in the receipt) and control number are a few of the paper rolls' security features. Enterprises use them not only to protect themselves but also to protect their clients—the public—in any case a problem arises.

In retail activities, paper rolls are widely used because they allow printing for both sides. In most cases, you may notice on your POS receipt some information printed at the back of it. They may be about the store, an announcement, or a promotional campaign. POS paper roll is a great tool in marketing.

Manufacturers of paper rolls also offer customization services. You may incorporate messages in them. Or personalize the roll design.

It is no wonder why business transactions today are as smooth and as safe as we want it. With the advent of specialty paper and the benefits it provides us, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t equip our ATM machines and POS receipt printers with paper rolls especially designed for them.

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This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry Articles.

This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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