Xerox Copier Cartridges: 6 Printer Series to Choose From

Xerox Copier Cartridges: 6 Printer Series to Choose From

You can order a wide array of Xerox copier printer cartridges from this printer manufacturer. These printer cartridges are often divided into the different Xerox printer series. The classification is further made as follows:


1. The DocuPrint Series. This Xerox copier series is available at different product models that require different Xerox copier cartridges. For instance, for the DocuPrint 100 series, Xerox print cartridges like the 5R161, 6R206 and 6R819 can be used. These three Xerox print cartridges have page yields of 525,000, 150,000 and 396,000 pages respectively.

2. The Nuvera Series. This makes use of the Nuvera Xerox copier cartridges. For the Nuvera 100, 120 and 144, you can use the 6R1239 cartridge that has a page yield of 120,000 pages for black.

3. The Phaser Series. Xerox copier cartridges for the Phaser 200 series include Xerox 016193200 and 016193300 that copies up to 40,000 and 10,000 pages in black. Cyan, magenta and yellow Xerox toner cartridges are also available.

4. The WorkCentre Series. Xerox copier cartridges for the WorkCentre series include the following: the black Xerox toner 006R01184 and 013R00589 that copies up to 30,000 and 60,000 pages respectively for the WorkCentre 133; and the Xerox CR1046 that yields 30,000 standard pages in black for the WorkCentre 238.

5. The XP Series. If you are looking for Xerox copier cartridges for this product line, you can order any of the following: Xerox XP 10 toner cartridges like 5R153 that yields 44,000 pages in black and the 63139 that yields 5,000 black pages; Xerox XP 11 cartridges like the 13R32 with a page yield of 20,000 and the 6R281 with a page yield of 8,000 pages; and the Xerox XP 24 toner cartridges such as the 13R38 to yield 15,000 pages and the 6R321 to print 11,500 black pages.

6. The XPrint Series. The Xerox XPrint 4915 includes developer Xerox print cartridges like 5R330 and 5R331 and 5R332 for 30,000 page yields in yellow and magenta. Black page yields of 30,000 pages can be used with Xerox copier cartridges like the Xerox 5R586.

Once you have established the type of Xerox copier you own, it will be easier to order your Xerox copier cartridges. You can use an online site that offers these items at low cost. is one of the wisest choices.


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