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Starting A Business About Ink & Toner

Everyone knows that working for the man gets you nowhere in life. We're here for three score years and ten, so we generally need to hurry up if we're going to succeed. Unfortunately the majority tend to let life pass them by as they make plans and work like bears. Fortunately for you, this could be the day you change all that – this could be the day you decide to start your own business. How about starting your own Ink & Toner Printer Cartridge business.

Technology shares are hot tickets these days. Why? Technology companies have a massive market, which continues to grow every single day. Where there are technologies there are accessories, and this is no more apparent than with printer ink toner. With the option of large scale commercial contracts, in addition to consumer retailing, printer ink toner is an ideal market for the keen entrepreneur willing to take the risk. Businesses live on word processing, printing and photocopying, and without toner that's just not possible. Most households in the western world have access to a printer – without ink, it's useless. Furthermore, printer toner is a consumable, which means eventually your customers are going to have to come back for more. Printing technologies are essential for modern day life, making necessary accessories like printer toner all the more popular.

There are many possible ways to start your ink and toner cartridge business. Here are some areas you can start your printer ink cartridges business

1- Selling printer ink and toner cartridges: Sell only finished ink and toner cartridge product, preferably to high volume users that will buy from you repeatedly. Some good industries for customers are: Law Firms, Real Estate Agents, Printers, CPA & Accounting Firms, Non-Profit Organizations

2- Recycling printer and toner cartridges and selling the empty cartridges to ink cartridge brokers: Don't sell cartridges, but collect empty used ink cartridges that have any commercial value. You can either use these empty cartridges to refill yourself, or specialize in printer cartridges recycling and empty cartridge collection and sell the empties to cartridgebrokers that sell them to high volume remanufacturing businesses.

3- Refilling printer ink and toner cartridges: You can just have ink and toner cartridges refilling business where your customers bring you their empty cartridges and you refill cartridge for them right there and then. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of franchise businesses like Cartridge World ( , Cartridge Depot (, or 12 Ink ( that do just that. You can buy a ink cartridge franchise business or do it from scratch yourself.

When starting your ink and toner cartridges business, one of your primary considerations would be your target market place. Are you selling as a wholesaler or as a retailer? Are you selling to a business, or to a consumer? Is your consumer buying in the course of business, or for private reasons? Of course, all this will have an impact on volume as well as margins, which will be necessary considerations when it comes to financial planning and management. What does the market want? Who supplies businesses in your area? Are you in proximity to commercial buyers? Do you have adequate storage facilities? Do you have sufficient capital to invest in stock? Starting a business in ink, or indeed in any sector, requires answers. Know your game before you play, and make sure you've weighed up your personal advantages.

Ink toner might not sound the most glamorous proposition, but as a trade it is fairly sound, with attractive margins. Furthermore, the competition can be patchy at times, which should be great for any business fixed on customer service and quality. The customers are out there, and they're craving ink toner.

Anyway at we will be more than happy to help you with any questions you might have about starting printer ink and toner cartrridge business. We might help you with great tips, recruit you as a reseller, give you recommendations about suppliers, give you feedback or just simply try to answer your questions.

This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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