Cartridges, Cartriges, Cartirdges:Ways Cartridges Misspelled ?

Cartridges, Cartriges, Cartirdges: How Many Ways Is Cartridges Misspelled These Days?

The Internet is a fantastic resource. You can find information about anything and everything from anywhere in the world! I could be in California and find out the latest happenings in Ireland. Or I may be in Canada finding out about something in Japan. Regardless of where you are, the Internet opens up the entire world to us with just a few strategic clicks on the mouse.

Yes, the Internet is a godsend, but what has it caused us to sacrifice? One thing that stands out above the rest is care. So many people can publish just about anything on the web. It’s great and all, but it also leads to a greater increase in misspellings and misspelled searches.

Because people are in a rush, they may type into the search box “cartirdges” instead of “cartridges.” They may end up walking away from the computer feeling let down because they found nothing in their search and little do they know it’s because of one misspelled word!

Due to this misspelling issue, many website developers are catering to this hurried up culture of ours and including misspellings of their keywords as actual keywords. This helps people who simply type too quickly for their brains to catch up can still find what they’re looking for. Printer cartridges are a particularly noteworthy keyword issue. It can be very easy to misspell a keyword like inkjet cartridges when you’re in a hurry. So instead of inkjet cartridges you end up with something like printer cartirdges or cartriges or many other variations. In fact, just look at all of the common misspellings of this important keyword:




































And that’s not even all! Would you look at that big list? I know what you’re probably thinking: How can I possibly cater my website to that many misspellings?


Not to worry. You don’t have to include every sort of misspelling of a word under the sun for your site to be effective. Rather, you just need to include the most popular misspellings. Search engines have a built in “guessing” feature that can take a stab at what word it was you were trying to spell when you entered the misspelled version. With any luck, the search engine will guess right and you can then search for the properly spelled word and bypass this whole process.


For printer cartridges, it is my recommendation that you include the misspelling cartirdges as it is caused by just a simple transposing of two letters that most likely occurred while typing too fast. By preparing yourself for the marketplace by taking into account misspellings, you will certainly be one step ahead of the competition. After all, every search that you get directed to your website is a hit that could lead to a sale, right?

This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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