Decorative and Edible Printer Ink Ideas

Decorative and Edible Printer Ink Ideas

Everyone knows about printers. Those boxes that hook up to your computer and, well, print out paper? Yeah, everyone knows about them. But it is amazing just how versatile the whole printing industry has become. At first, the rage was printing on photo paper. Then, glossy photo paper. It was like having your own photo development lab in your home. But nowadays, the entire paper concept seems to be flying out the window.

Printers are now décor creators, it seems. Regardless of your function, there is a printer, a printer ink cartridge and even a photo paper that will suit your needs.

One example that really caught my eye is a flower printer. Yes, you heard right. This thing prints on actual flower petals. You can have a customized message printed right on the flower itself. Now that is what I call one unique bouquet. Now, you have to know that these machines are on the expensive side and considering they only print on flowers, it may not be all that worth it. Find out more about this floral printer at

But if flowers are not for you, there is another printer that is sure to peak your interest, or your taste buds at the very least. It is a cake printer! This thing prints out sheets of icing that can be plopped right on top of a cake. You can have a picture of the birthday party attendee of honor or maybe a pretty tropical scene. Anything you want can be an image on the cake.

For more specifics on this cake printer visit

And what is a cake printer without some edible ink? You can print in CMYK just like you always have, but with edible ink, you get to devour whatever you print! So long as the "paper" is edible too.  

A quick online search for edible ink should help you locate plenty of purchasing opportunities. But be warned, these sweet printing options are pretty expensive, so make sure printing edible items is something you would like to do fairly often.

Now, you can not exactly buy this next one, but I thought I was interesting nonetheless and a really novel way to use a printer. Apparently a chef decided to spice up his menu by making the very menu edible. So once you pick your entrée, you can chow down on the menu as a hors doeuvre. The ink is whatever the chef wants it to be-vegetable or fruit mixtures mostly. And the paper is made out of potato or soybean starch. So whether it is the image of a dish that tastes like the dish or a full on edible menu, chef Homaru Cantu is taking all things printer to the next level.

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