Few Printer & Ink Cartridges Facts







Few Printer & Ink Cartridges Facts

We are not going to get into the history of the printer here, but I think it is important to know a few general printer facts. After all, who can claim to be a tech junkie without knowing some of the very basics of printers, how they work and a few miscellaneous facts to impress friends at parties?

Inkjet printers are very reasonably priced these days. Sure, for a big corporate printer you will have to shell out a pretty penny, but for a simple machine that does the works, you should not have to spend over $100. That is quite an improvement from just a decade ago!

Printer ink cartridges are recyclable. Especially with the latest recycling laws in place, it is even easier to recycle your inkjet cartridges than ever before. You can send them into the PrintCountry Recycle Program, drop them off at your local supply store or wait for the waste round-up in your neighborhood.

While laser printers are more expensive, their ink is cheaper than that of an inkjet printer. However, inkjet printers do not need to warm up before they print. It is all a balancing act, really. Inkjet cartridges also tend to be more expensive, but the initial investment is cheaper. Again, it all depends on your needs and what you can afford at the time of purchase.

One thing to keep away from printed documents is water. Of course saturating paper in water is going to ruin it, but even a drop of water on an inkjet printed page can cause blurring of the ink. However, if you have ever gotten ink on your hands or clothes, you are surely happy for its water soluble nature at that point, huh?

You can buy OEM or refurbish printer ink cartridges for a fraction of the manufacturer brand cost and still experience the same quality of print outs. So if you were discouraged about that "printer ink cartridges are expensive" comment made above, do not be. I was referring to the manufacturer brand cartridges, not generic ink cartridges.

Printers do not just use ink these days, either. A whole host of new products use mixtures of sugar and even chocolate to make edible printouts. Now you ca not go and submit your thesis in chocolate ink, but it sure is fun for cake decoration and other confectionary treats.

More importantly, however, printers are not just for work or school anymore. You can use your home printer to print out flyers, newsletters, posters, photos and anything else you would like with relative ease. Do not forget to buy some recycled photo paper and an OEM printer ink cartridge before you go hog wild with all of the printer functions! You will save money and do your part for the environment at the same time.


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