How to Calculate the Real Cost of Ownership for an Inkjet Printer

How to Calculate the Real Cost of Ownership for an Inkjet Printer (original price, maintainance, paper + Ink cost etc…)

There are a few points that have to be taken into consideration when buying an inkjet printer. It is up to you to decide if price, speed, print quality or some other points are important for you when making your choice.

When looking for an inkjet printer, most shoppers fix a suitable price of $120 or less. Though there are numerous printers available at this rate from major manufacturers, they tend to suffer from some disadvantage or the other like photos suffering from extremely slow speed, fuzzy text and the need of expensive printer ink cartridges. Moreover these printers may only be able to hold either a black or color cartridge and not both.

Avoid one cartridge printers

It is always better to avoid buying one cartridge printers, unless on a tight budget. It is better to buy inkjet printers costing $150 – $250 as they have a more balanced approach to their printing jobs.

They seldom compensate on speed and print quality and may excel in different areas. In fact, high-end inkjets that cost more than $250 offer blazing speeds and perhaps, digital camera ports.

Besides spending for the inkjet printer, you need to consider other costs it is related to like the paper used for printing, ink cost and its maintenance. Basically, the cost factor for printing on paper using inkjet printers is less than laser printers. It is possible to reduce costs by using inexpensive printer cartridges that can print more pages. It is also better to buy printers that have separate ink tanks for different colors as the cartridge can be replaced as it exhausts to save you money.

Consider the costs of the printer software

Then there are the costs of the software used in the printer. Though they may cost money, this software proves beneficial and cost friendly in the long run. The Ink Saver is great software for the inkjet printer as it helps you control the amount of ink that the printer uses. This in turn makes ink cartridges last longer. Besides this, a good photo editing or print management software can help give better prints from your inkjet printer.

Its maintenance costs depend on your usage; the more you use it, the more frequent you will have to have it serviced. However it is better to service it when you feel that its printer head gives smudgy prints and if there are any other problems with printing.

The printer quality is another point to consider when buying a new inkjet printer. Printers are usually rated by their resolution where higher resolutions mean better images. However, it is better to compare images before buying anything as low resolution printers today can imitate high resolution inkjet printers with built in image enhancement software.

Speed may be important, but is not necessary

High resolution printers are required if you are using the printer for sharp graphics and text, but not necessarily for color reproduction. However if you need to use your inkjet printer for photo printing, it is better to buy a small pack of photographic inkjet paper and take a print to decide.

Speed is another point to take into consideration when choosing your inkjet printer. Compare the page per minute ratings of different printers to find out how many documents the printer can print in a minute.

When choosing inkjet printers, it is basically better to choose one that gives better prints than those with faster speeds because although speed is important, the print has to be clear and stay forever.

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