How to Find and Install Windows 7 Printer Drivers for your Dell and Lexmark Printers

How to Find and Install Windows 7 Printer Drivers for your Dell and Lexmark Printers

There are certain things you must know about when it comes to finding and installing Windows 7 in your Dell and Lexmark printers. You may actually start your search by raising questions via technology forums. There are individuals who may have explored their printers and tried doing the installation of the MS OS driver in their PC’s. Yahoo may also help you find someone to answer your questions regarding this process. But to make your search easier, the tips below will help.


Finding Windows 7 printer drivers for Dell and Lexmark printers

Just like with other printer manufacturers, searching for a Windows 7 printer for Dell and Lexmark printers is made possible through the websites of the said companies. Make sure you know the printer model you own. Here’s how you may find one through the company’s website:


1. Dell. To know if your Dell printer is compatible with or has specific Windows 7 drivers available, you should locate your printer model from the Dell Driver Page. Printer models such as 1230c and 3130cn have specific drivers available for this MS operating system. For products like 3000cn and 5100cn, you may use Vista drivers instead.

2. Lexmark. As for your Lexmark printer, you may also go to Lexmark’s website and locate information regarding these MS OS printer drivers. There is a page that contains a table that indicates the type of driver to use. For example, Lexmark printers such as C510 and C520 may use Windows 7 OS Driver for installation while printers such as C734 and C935 should use the Lexmark Driver. You may use the Drivers and Downloads page to check for the right printer driver for your Lexmark product.

Installing Windows 7 printer drivers for Dell and Lexmark printers

Installation of these printer drivers for both Dell and Lexmark printers is just easy. After you have found the corresponding printer driver for either your Dell printer or Lexmark printer, you may now know what to use in the installation process. Here are some pointers to remember:


1. Dell. Use the specific Windows 7 driver that is available if your printer is listed under the said column of the Dell Driver Page. If not, then you should stick to using the vista driver. Here are some specific procedures for installation:

a. Click on the start button on your PC then proceed to all programs and then Dell printers before clicking your printer model number. You may then uninstall your printer.

b. Get the latest Windows 7 updates.

c. Install the latest Java version on your PC as well.

d. Install the printer driver using the compatibility mode for Windows Vista.

2. Lexmark. If you find out that the Lexmark printer you own should use a Windows 7 OS driver, you should make use of the driver as provided by this MS operating system. You may need to use Windows Update to be able to access some of these drivers. As for printers with the corresponding “Use Lexmark driver” indicator, you should make use of the latest among Lexmark drivers provided in the website.

Installing the Windows 7 printer drivers will be easy once you follow the above mentioned tips. But first, you also have to find the compatible driver for your Dell and Lexmark printers. Never hesitate to ask help from these companies if you have queries regarding the process.



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