How to Print Photos and Friend List from Facebook – Tips & Shortcuts

How to Print Photos and Friend List from Facebook – Tips & Shortcuts

Facebook seemed to have defeated one of its social networking predecessors – Friendster. Well, this is because of the many things you may do with friends while you are logged in the website. Remember that you can harvest some crops everyday via Farmville. You may also challenge each other and see who wins in word games such as “Scrabble”. Of course, add to that the fact that you may send “gifts” to friends online.


With all these great chances to catch up with your long lost friends, have you ever wondered what other things you may do to make up for lost time? Perhaps, you want to print pictures and look intently at how your friend from year’s back look now. You may also want to print your friend’s list to check on who is not in the circle nowadays.

Tips on how to print photos from Facebook

Facebook offers a print application for photos which is called Super Photos. Using Photobox, this application allows you to print photos that you may keep on your own or send as gifts to your friends. The first photos printed are offered for free. Aside from using Super Photos however, here are some tips on how to print photos from Facebook:


1. Right-click the mouse pointer on your PC then click on the “Save Picture As” option. From there, you can open the file you saved the picture into and print it using photo paper.

2. If you are a MAC user however, your option is to right-click on the particular Facebook image and then save it on your desktop. You may also save it using your iPhoto library. From there, you can use your HP printer to print the image.

3. HP also recommends the use of the HP Photo Print Gadgets for Windows Vista. Simply drag your photos and drop it on this HP printer gadget. This can then format or edit the photo then print a borderless one. This is made possible by the technology known as Smart Crop. This centers your pictures without needing to crop the other parts.

4. HP had also formed partnership with MOO – a company that offers post cards and mini cards. You may use MOO to upload pictures from Facebook. MOO can transform it to mini or post cards upon your request.

5. Use the OblinQ Photo Card. This print application from HP does not merely allow you to print your Facebook photos. In fact, you can create a collage of many memorable pictures that you have in the site before printing it through your HP printer.

Remember however to set the resolution first. Typically, a Facebook photo is 600 by 600 pixels. That’s about 6″ by 4″ in size. To be sure of the size, check your picture manager. Or you may simply place the mouse pointer over the picture. The resolution will appear there.


How to print friend’s list from Facebook

Here’s how you may do the installation process of the printer driver in your PC’s:

1. Log-in to your Facebook account.

2. Simply hit the link corresponding to your phonebook. This is located at the top portion of the page.

3. Choose the list that can be printed easily.

Aside from printing photos, you can also print your Facebook friend’s list. This is somehow helping you create a personal phone directory. Here are some shortcuts:



This Article is written by John C Arkin.


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